guess who’s going to San Francisco today?

People, can you take a moment and cross your fingers for my dear long-distance-roommate, who is currently either on a plane to London, somewhere in the airport in London, or even already on a plane to Los Angeles?

She’s a bit worried that things are going to go wrong. Or, what am I saying, she’s freaking out about everything.

I’m sure everything will be just fine and you’ll hear soon from her about how wonderful and absolutely epic San Francisco is, but in the meantime, it can’t hurt to send her some good thoughts and wishes, right?

Good luck, Ari, and keep us posted!!


49 and counting

Wow, people, we’ve got 49 followers. This is kind of awesome. Now I’m seriously excited to see when we’ll hit our next big benchmark… who wants to be the lucky #50?

Summer Strawberry Happiness


31°C and sunshine in Bavaria. I’m loving it.

Also, I might have just gone a bit crazy in the supermarket and bought a bit over a kilo of strawberries… and then I might have just eaten about a third of those in ten minutes…

Just saying, strawberries are the best thing about summer!

strawberries summer happiness

I should actually check out some strawberry recipes for you guys, now that I think about it. Stay tuned, I’m on it!

– J.

Our Blog is Growing Up!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might have very recently noticed that we gave the blog a complete makeover… we think it looks so much more grown up and professional now, and it’s much more “us”. So don’t be confused, you came to the right place – but we’re growing up, and so is our blog. After all, it’ll turn one and a half in October!


“Heeeey, you. Sorry, I’m a bit late. I’m one of the presenters in the afternoon panel and my name is Soandso.”

“No worries, let me get your name tag and welcome package.”

“So… you work here?”


“Mhm… so, what do you do… I guess you helped a bit with the organisation of this thing?”


Dear Ari,

Dear Ari,

I thought this was too fun of an idea not to do it. Think we’ll actually use it?

I vaguely remember something about challenges at this point. Maybe pictures. Old stories, new stories, good stories, bad stories, sad stories, crazy stories, Jacobs stories, typical stories, weird stories…

What do you think?