HIMYM or The Ultimate TV Addiction

The other day, I finished the 8th season of How I Met Your Mother. My closest friends had been fans for years and after having put it on my bucket list,  I really had no excuse anymore. Also, I was sick of being left out during insider puns at dinner, such as “I had a total pineapple incident the other day” or “Man, my date blew. He was a total Barney” so I finished the 8 seasons within a month basically. I’m gonna try to avoid spoilers for you, but my main impression after the all deciding last episode was: Uhm…ok….
The main impression of the show itself though is a definitive: LET’S HIT THE REPEAT BUTTON AND WATCH IT AGAAAIN. And AGAAAIN. AND AGAAAAAIN.

26 Random Thoughts on HIMYM:

1.) Apparently, finding The One requires 8 years of daily dating
2.) Dammit, why didn’t I think of burying something in Central Park for my future self! Oh right, because I- just like Robin- would have forgotten where I’d burried it
3.) Money is never a problem and every day is pub day.
4.) I feel sorry for Ted’s kids, I wonder if they every asked for the story. And even if they did, were they really willing to spend years of their lives listening to it? Now that the show is coming to an end, I’m actually most curious about the kids’ final remarks. Like…are they gonna sit there in the end, being mind-blown? Are they gonna be asleep? Are they gonna be like: “Huh, cool story bro, tell it again!” ?
5.) Even if your entire apartment is turned upside down, your best friends ally with your arch enemy and destroy your oven, you are willing to forget about all of it to give your arch enemy a nice Thanksgiving
6.) Food and Sex breaks during huge fights between couples are incredibly handy. How come I never thought of that?!
7.) I have never seen cuter, awesomer (yes, its a word) Halloween costumes than the ones Marshall and Lilly (and, unwillingly, Ted too) display
8.) I wanted Robin to be the mother from S01E01 onwards. I ignored the fact that she was being referred to as “Aunt Robin” from S01E01 onwards. Now that it’s over though, I gotta admit, I’m Team Barney.
9.) Apparently, the American TV world is running out of actors when a show has been on TV for years- I traced characters from Scrubs (never been a fan), Sex and the City (I miss ya gals!), House (gotta finish that last season…), Desperate Housewives (may the mighty TV God rest their chatty souls) and How to live with your parents- once again (Sadly stopped that after a few episodes), alongside of various known actors and VIPs…call me Whistleblower.
10.) I’d totally order a Robin Sherbatsky, sounds like the most delicious drink ever invented in a TV Show.
11.) I don’t know why everybody was so bored over Ted’s facts about the Empire State Building, I found them super interesting.
12.) Let’s go to the Mall is totally on my running playlist.

13.) On that related note, I’m surprised by the vocal talents in the show.

14.) Some of the games Lily’s dad invented I would just love to play with some of my Ex-boyfriends.
15.) Bang-Bang-Bangitibang really is a freaking catchy song.
16.) If I had been on the cover of the New Yorker, I’d have pulled off the same move. Go you Ted!
17.) I would have never, NEVER NEVER EVER agreed on staying in that storm trooper throughout the entire Star Wars movie. Although, that could have totally happened to me.

18.) I really wanna try out the wedding-ring-in-the-champaign-glass-move on a couple hehehe
19.) They are right saying that, once you notice something critical about your friends (like Ted correcting people or Marshall singing everything), it becomes impossible to ignore it.
20.) “But, uhm… SHOT” also works in real life.
21.) Come on guys, let’s admit it. We all cried at the end of the episode where Robin’s telling her kids how she met their father.
22.) FREEZE FRAME High-Five
23.) The show had some many priceless battles and showdowns: Robots vs. Wrestlers, The Price Is Right, New York City vs. New Jersey
24.) Please, please, please let San Francisco be better than what it sounds like from Lily’s perspective!!
25.)… Did Marshall have slaps left at the end of season 8?!
26.) Last, but not least, the entire show was just legen..wait for it, and I really hope you’re not lactose-intolerant because the next word is……..

Bottom line: The show was so much better than I thought it would be. I want this friendship group, I want those apartments, I want the marriage that Lily and Marshall have. It taught a lot about love and life and the “importance of timing-although timing’s a bitch” and though I find some of the perceptions a tiny bit depressing, they all somehow manage to live their life.
And, of course, Barney has taught us the vital importance of knowing where the High-Five came from:

“Jesus waited three days to come back to life. It was perfect! If he had only waited one day, a lot of people wouldn’t have even heard he died. They’d be all, “Hey Jesus, what up?” and Jesus would probably be like, “What up? I died yesterday!” and they’d be all, “Uh, you look pretty alive to me, dude…” and then Jesus would have to explain how he was resurrected, and how it was a miracle, and the dude’d be like “Uhh okay, whatever you say, bro…” And he’s not gonna come back on a Saturday. Everybody’s busy, doing chores, workin’ the loom, trimmin’ the beard, NO. He waited the perfect number of days, three. Plus it’s Sunday, so everyone’s in church already, and they’re all in there like “Oh no, Jesus is dead”, and then BAM! He bursts in the back door, runnin’ up the aisle, everyone’s totally psyched, and FYI, that’s when he invented the high five. That’s why we wait three days to call a woman, because that’s how long Jesus wants us to wait…. True story.”

So people, if you havent yet- go watch that show. From S01E01 onwards, I was dying to know who the mother would be and the thought of having to wait 8 seasons (!!!) was driving me a little furious. But you get into their little stories and, suddenly, the wait wasnt half as bad as waiting for christmas is. Also, give Barney a few episodes to grow on you, there is more to him than a bunch of high-fives and stupid bets, I promise.


Leaving New York, Never Easy…

…at least it has never been for me. I know, my next blog post was due long ago and I’m sorry. There is just quite some moving around going on at the moment and its only been now that I had time to sort my thoughts and write them down.

I’m not in New York anymore. At the end of August, my internship was over and it was time to pack my backs and fly back to Germany. First of all, I am scared of flying. Terrified. I just know too little about flight procedures to help myself with rational arguments. When the engines are started and the plane speeds up, I mentally excuse myself to god for being such an unchristian christian and only sending prayers when I’m sitting in a plane or the night before a final I know I didn’t study enough for. The flight from New York to Stuttgart, Germany, was especially bad. I didn’t wanna go back. I was excited to see my family again and my friends, to have certain German things back (like dark bread or Ketchup Pringles) but I would have preferred to go visit them and then come back to the States.When I left my apartment, I didn’t plug in my iPod as usually, I didn’t nap during the subway ride. I wanted to soak up as much of the city as possible. The smell of the Best Fishmarket in Harlem. The dialects and different accents. The stories you kinda overhear in the metro station.

Watching people in the craziest outfits blasting music or performing dances in the trains. I bought myself one last mint-chocolate calorie bomb, wore my most obvious “I’m a weird-looking person but its okay, because its new york and no one would ever care!” outfit and said good-bye.

Once in the plane, it got worse. I was turning on my New York Playlist and was fighting the tears…until the pilot decided to give us one last glimpse of the city. He flew a circle around NY before heading off into the proper direction to give everyone in the plane a good last look. And there they were- Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, the Empire State Building, New Jersey and they all were so familiar. They felt like home. It had only been three months and I was ashamed I had been letting myself fall for something that quickly. I was crying my eyes out in that stupid plane, awkwardly turned towards the window with my bandana as low into my face as possible. It was horrible. At least it defeated my fear of flying for a while- until three hours into the trip. It was pitch-dark outside, we were above the middle of the Atlantic, I’m watching Hunger Games (which is a great movie by the way but pretty gloomy at times) and suddenly the pilot makes the following announcement: Ladies and Gentlemen, please excuse the disturbance but we will have to reboot our system. That means that the movies won’t be available for a while, we are sorry for this inconvenience.” The logical sight of my thinks: Ok, if their greatest concern is the  unavailability of the movies, then we aren’t in any trouble really. But the irrational part of me, myself and I mentally screams: We are DEAD! The system isn’t working and we lost contact to the ground and we have no idea at which height to fly, so if another plane is crossing our level, WE GONNA CRASH and my mortal remains will be lost in the ocean and NO ONE WILL EVER FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED!!! Well, guess what? Nothing noticeable actually happened. But it sure prevented me from sleeping for the rest of the flight.

Once back in Germany, I had a few hours to kill at the train station. So, I walk into this grocery store, pick something and go pay. Still under American influence, I greet the cashier with a friendly “Guten Morgen, wie geht es Ihnen?” “Good Morning, how are you?” and just get a suspicious glance in return. “Why is that any of your business?”, she replied. “Do you want the gummy bears or not?”. Oh yeah, welcome back to Germany! The train ride home was even gloomier than the flight. The sky was grey, it was chilly, people gave me weird looks for my leggins and no one would offer to help me with my heavy luggage. Sometimes I shrieked when people, that were clearly younger than 21, walked by with a bottle of beer in their hands. At least I won’t have to hide red wine in an orange-juice-bottle anymore^^ Well, once I arrived at home and had my family and friends around me, I felt fine, it was great seeing everyone. Same goes for the day I returned to my campus. People here become extremely close to each other, since we are all living and studying together, they become your family. So, it was also great to see my second family again, it was about time.

Now, normal college stress caught up with me and I have to stop making a big, mental fuss of how great my summer was, how pathbreaking and how instructive. I know what I wanna do in the future, I just don’t know if I can afford it. But for now I am back on campus and have to remind myself day by day that this is the very last year I will have with my friends, like this, under these circumstances and with this much freedom. I should learn to appreciate the past and live in the present but at the very moment, I am grieving about the past and longing for the future. Bad Ari!!! It’s time to focus my thoughts on the more appropriate things in life: What to do for which class, what to write my bachelor thesis about, where to go for grad school, what to wear for saturday’s party, how to loose weight by christmas and how to spice up servery food. And as I’m writing this, I notice that I am feeling good in this role as well and I’ll do my best to adjust back to it asap!! And now I’ll go and have my guitar tuned because I didn’t have it over the summer and really hope I didn’t forget how to play the chords 😀

Cheers guys!!


..are AWESOME! Today, we got invited to the apartment by one of the intern girls Jess is working with. Her apartment is in a building right at Central Park West and from up at the rooftop you can see over Central Park and the Skyline around it. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! This is the kind of building, you end up in and know that you made it in life. If I lived in that apartment, I would go to this roof every single day:

In the morning, I skyped with my Mom, who had her 45th birthday today. Hence, the whole family was there standing around the laptop screen, even the members that you only see once or twice a year for the important celebrations or when the cake is expected to be especially good. It’s really great seeing everyone but on the other hand, it also made me notice how much I am living in a different world right now. This big city, this different country, the people here, the lifestyle…all of these things are something I can absolutely connect to. But it’s the complete contrast to what I came from. And I can see that in their faces whenever I start talking about my adventures in New York and how much I want to move here for good at some point. This facial expression saying “Oh, thats nice dear, its a nice adventure and have a great time, enjoy every second but don’t put up your hoped to high.” And its not that they wouldn’t support me. Its just the generation and the time they grew up in, this mindset that makes it impossible to imagine family emigrating to the US. It makes me worried that I am distancing myself from then without even noticing. So, that was one thing I realized today while smiling and nodding and telling funny stories about my everyday adventures here. The other thing I noticed was how old my grandparents turned. I do make sure that I see them twice a year and more often if possible. And of course I know that all of this is absolutely natural and just the normal circle of life blablabla but it just rubs it in painfully that your childhood is over and the people that belonged to it, the people that took you into the woods to search for mushrooms or taught you how to ride a motorbike or pretended not to hear anything when you sneaked downstairs at night to steal some candy, these awesome people start fading and, at some point, will be gone and you have nothing but your memories. The summers that my cousin, my brothers and I spent at their house, in the countryside with nothing but trees, fields and a lake, these summers were great.
SO, I think I finally found one downturn of living here at the moment: There is no open space to just walk and get everything off your mind. You couldn’t walk barefoot or just stand at a shore letting the wind blow through your hair and shake your thoughts back into place. The parks are closed after 10 and dangerous to be after sunset anyways. Hence, you have a blog to not only look cool and up-to-date but also to be able to have some sort of diary to get things off your head. Jupp. And since you are in the States and NOT 21 yet, you can’t even go out and dance your melancholy away…


… its hot outside. This kind of heat that just shuts down your brain, makes you sweat even though you are just blinking with your eyes, makes you drink water every five seconds. Even the usual heat and stuffy air in the subway stations now feels smoothing compared to the air outside. Apparently, for Americans, this weather is the normal weather condition in summer and thus no reason to complain or be surprised. However, for me it is something completely new. All of my summers I have spend at home, at the sea. If we ever had 36°C in Northern Germany, it would be all over the news anyways but even that high temperature wouldn’t feel as overwhelming as it does here. Here, we don’t have a fresh breeze coming from the Ocean. Which probably makes it more likely that, at some point, I will just settle at the sea, its just too much a part of me. Oh my, first world problems, I know. But does that make them less real?
No, I really don’t want to complain. Being the optimist that I am, I wanna point out the upside of this whole hot-weather-situation: Excuse to go summer dress shopping! I love going shopping here. That’s because of the American way of interacting. The first time, I was a little overwhelmed and the conversation between me and the girl in the dressing rooms went a little like that:
Employee:  “Hi, how are you?”
me: “Oh, thanks for asking! I’m good, a little dizzy from the heat and my feet hurt, these shoes are new. But the clothes here cheer me up, soooo… How are you?”
Employee: “Erm, good. Whats your name?”
me: “Ariane, but you can call me Ari if thats easier. I’m from Germany hence the name.”
Employee: “Nice to meet you Ari, I’m Tiffany. Now, call me whenever you need me, sweetheart. There is a button inside the cabin. If you want me to bring you a different size or just something completely different or whatever, just push the button. Good luck with the clothes!”, smiled and walked away. Isn’t that great? Despite my obvious lack of knowledge about conversational American, she stayed super friendly and in her role. In Germany (especially in North-Eastern Germany) the customer is supposed to be king but in reality, we often are subject to neglection and rudeness. Especially if you are not grown up yet….anyway.
Yesterday was solstice, which New York celebrated with a Yoga-Session on Times Square. Hundreds of people all doing the same yoga movements and just as many people to watch them. I was thinking about participating but doing weird yoga movements in the heat was just not that attractive of an idea at that point. We took pictures though:
I will now go and explore Harlem on my way to picking up a package. When the door rang yesterday, I just didn’t open. Having had a history in terms of watching too many thrillers and horror movies and being alone in the Harlem apartment all day are just an unlucky combination. When the doorbell rang then, all kinds of images came into my mind of me opening and not seeing the postman but a guy with a knife in his hand pushing me back into the apartment and killing me. Stuff like that. I know, my imagination is just more lively than is good for me. I ignored the doorbell. The package was dropped of at the local post office. Jess can’t pick it up because she works. Hence, its my responsibility to walk deep into the area, the part where our host warned us in the beginning “just not to go there, its not unsafe…but for you it kinda is”. Well, the things you do for a package which, hopefully, contains chocolate chip cookies from Jess’ mom.

Yes, I know. I am playing with stereotypes here. Harlem is not as bad as I make it sound. Our apt is in the safer part of the neighborhood and you can tell that a couple of years ago it must have been way worse than it looks now. However, its hard for me to judge situations I have never been in. Hence, I rather stay on the safe side of life with this. Wish me luck with the package!


are on my list of things to do in New York. One of the Challenges at some point will be writing a little card saying: “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my number xxx-xxx-xxxx so call me maybe!” and give it to a cute male barista at Starbucks. Mostly because I love the song, a friend of mine and I brought it back from Dublin and made it viral in our university. But also because I think its a hilarious idea and if it actually resulted into something-if only a nice dinner- it was worth it. However, I started small with: giving fake names at Starbucks. This one was Disney themed:

next will be… running like Phoebe in Central Park. OR going up to a random stranger on the street and saying: “Omar says hi!” and keep walking. I love doing random stuff like that. And at the moment I am also a little bored and alone, so i might come up with even better things. Gotta always push yourself out of your comfort zone.

I was also looking into film academies and acting schools in New York. But what is it with these things? As a child you go to your parents and inform them that you wanna become a Ballerina or Actress or Star and they tell you: “But only after you have finished school!” Then you finish school and go up to them repeating the same thing and they say: “Well, you have to make that decisions but I would advise you to first learn something proper.” So you study Economics and Management. They you are looking into Grad Schools and suddenly, your parents voice is replaced by YOUR OWN CONSCIENCE saying “Naaaah, drop that. Dat stuff aint no future for ya!”. Dafug conscience?! Since when did you kick in with these things? So, I will probably pull a responsible one on me and not spend $20000 on a graduate degree in acting. Shame, oh shame.

Made in Harlem…

…will be tattooed on the back of my foot if I survive the next two and a half months here without getting mugged or worse. JUST KIDDING. Although it would be kinda cool. But also kinda painful. So, its not gonna happen, don’t challenge me. Jupp, I am living in New York. A dream coming true. However, Harlem is not quite the New York that you picture. Its not Times Square or 5th Avenue, its not SoHo, not even Little Italy. It still got Charme, Charisma and Character. You gotta be careful of what you’re doing. Going out late at night is not really advised. Being kinda a minority here, as white girls, is unusual and something I have to get used to. But Jess and I learned not to look like tourists. We got our “bus faces” on. You know, showing the world: “You bedda NOT mess wid us DUDE!” and it works-so far. Our apartment is cute. Its nicely furnished, our room is just big enough for two (since we are on a budget, Jess and I have to share a double bed- which gave us quite interesting looks from our French roommates in the beginning). The Frenchies are pretty cool and we are getting along with them very well. So, its definitely a nice atmosphere and something great to come home to….if you actually had to leave the apartment. While Jess has actual work hours for her internship, I can do a lot of work online and hence don’t have to come into the office a lot. Interning for an NGO gives your work very much a touch of “don’t worry, be happy” kinda thing. You know, all of them are very relaxed and happy about you working motivated. Anyway, being at home means being super flexible. Most of the time I am chilling, sometimes I go and explore something in the city- either on my own or with the friend of ours that just joined our group of NY interns. His apartment is SICK! Its a three-minute walk to Times Square in one direction and three to Central Park into the other. Hence, he lives CENTRAL but has less of a neighborhood feeling. Soooo…there is good and bad even in a $3000/month apartment in Central Manhattan. BOOYA!

So, its been 2 weeks into my little adventure and I have already seen so much that I am starting to regret not having posted stuff here earlier. Oh well, little summaries will have to do.
Jess and I had our first shopping-for-food experience on the very first day. Being on a budget makes it hard living in New York- especially since there is so much tasty, fat, unhealthy stuff for little money. Like…McDONALDS STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKES. Are you KIDDING me?! this stuff is so much better than it is in Germany. Or…STARBUCKS CHOCOLATE CHIP FRAPPUCCINO ICE-CREAM! its like made for me. Or…Ben&Jerry’s in any possible color or flavor. AmAzzzInGGGGG. The people that were in the supermarket around the corner that day must have had such a fun time listening to me running through the aisles like a little kid, shouting “Look Jess, the Ice-cream choice, can we buy the Mint one….oh wow, all of these are Oreos?! AND OH.MY.GOD…there is an ENTIRE aisle just for CEREAL?!” and it went on like that for several minutes. I felt like the Eastern Germans must have felt in 1990 when they went to Hamburg for the first time. So, we invented the Treat-of-the-Week, which allows us to buy one American awesomeness from our weekly budget. Its usually either ice-cream or oreos or donuts. And once every week, we eat dinner out, so that I get to know the American fast-food culture. Sometimes, this ends like this: 

Every once in a while thought, we cook healthy and German for our Frenchies. Successfully:

I also love Americans. They are so friendly. Except for one day, when Jess and I went to Times Square. They have little red foldable chairs there you know, where you can sit down at little red tables and just soak in the atmosphere…if there are free seats. So, trying to safe us a spot, I walk up to this man who was sitting on a table with one chair, folded together and leaning on the table. In Germany, this would mean that the chair is free. I friendly ask that mean: “Excuse me, is this chair free?” and the man just starts yelling: “What does this chair say?!” Confused me thinks he is stating the obvious and am attempting to grab it. That drives the man nuts. He shouts: “WHAT DOES THIS CHAIR SAY, STUPID?!” Jess grabs my arm and drags me a few meters away from this guy. A few seconds later, the man’s friend comes back and sits down while the man starts complaining about my stupidity in a loud voice, emphasizing how plain ignorant, impolite and STUPID he thinks I am. Finally, I cannot bear it any longer, astonished about HIS impoliteness and ignorance. I turn around and just: “Excuse me, I am standing right next to you, I can HEAR you! What the heck is your problem? Its a sunny day, we are in New York, you still got your chair…relax a little!”. BAM. Me for the win. Just a few days ago Jess told me that, while this incident occurred two weeks ago, she is still frustrated about not having defended me and is now just waiting for the moment a random stranger is yelling at me. She got her words ready now. We still got happy shots on Time Square:

I am also getting more accustomed with our neighborhood. Harlem is doable as long as you keep certain rules in mind. However, this one time, I really got scared to death: It was the middle of the night, our window was open but the security bars closed. Suddenly, a loud noise wakes me up and it doesn’t take me long to realize that it comes from the fire ladder outside of our window. As if either heavy wind was shaking it or as if a person was trying to pull it down. But there was no wind that night…
I freaked out but the only thing that Jess had to contribute to the situation was a sleepy “Dafuq?”, which didn’t really help. In the morning after, I slept in late (it was a weekday but…flexible work hours, remember?) but again got waken up by sounds from the fire ladder. I was close to a break down. Judith knows how jumpy I am, how easy it is to freak me out. And this time, I actually heard heavy steps climbing up the fire ladder. I wanted to grab for the pepper spray on my night table but realized quickly that I had never unpacked it and would have needed scissors to get it out. No time for that. Paralyzed I sat in my bed listening for any sound that could tell me more about the situation outside. Eventually, a male voice goes: “I am down here and I am coming up now.” I FREAKED. Inside. Didn’t wanna give myself away. After a few more minutes I collected all my left over courage and sneaked to the window to look down. What I saw? A cable guy repairing my neighbors TV. Oh well…

Apart from that, Ive done a lot of sight seeing already. The touristy stuff. Last weekend was awesome, we went to NJ to visit a college friend of ours. Spending a day at the beach? Best decision ever! Underestimating the sun and not putting enough sun block on? Stupid as *peeeep* Now I am red as a crab and every single part of my body hurts. Actually, it currently starts itching. Next will be peeling. Hmmmm, attractive. But the day was so good, it was worth it…kinda. I also tried to learn how to skim board but that *peeep* is *peeep* difficult. Gave me a few nice blue stains. However, the waves in the Atlantic Ocean are so much fun. They are huge though and sometimes you just feel like the ball in a basketball game between one wave and the other.

On Sunday, Jessi, I, the friend with the midtown apt, one of our frenchies and another girl I am interning with went to Brookyln via Brooklyn Bridge at dusk. great pictures:

We also had a late-night pick nick in the Brooklyn Bridge Park with a view over the Manhattan Skyline. More and more of great, breathtaking pictures!!!

What shall I say? Its only been roughly two weeks and I am already convinced that this is my city. I love this place. And I can say that this summer for sure will give me an other side of New York as well- the part that isn’t glamorous but poor or on the edge, where people dont wear Prada but carry PathMark bags. I still love this city. With all its up-and downsides. I love the people, the atmosphere, the contrasts. This is where I belong. And I am so, so glad that there is still more to come. So much more to come (hopefully).
Now, I really hope this makes up for my past weeks of absence. Its just been to many impressions coming at once.

P.S. Sunshine2091 doesn’t have that random of a number choice…think hart Judith, I am sure you will find out 😉

A heart in New York

Hello everybody!!

I think it is more than time for me to finally raise my words, to talk to the masses, to share my opinion, to PUBLISH A POST ON THIS BLOG…anyway…. Jupp, Judith is right, I will (hopefully) be crossing the big pond in three weeks to live and work in New York City for three months. I am really trying my best right now to transmit this hipster “yeah-so-I-will-be-living-in-NY-no-big-deal-man-slash-like-a-boss-slash-YO” attitude but the truth is: Whenever I even think about it, I  can’t help but jumping up and down and scream in a very high-pitched, very girly way. I am sorry, I am actually neither hipster nor girly. I am just about to fulfill something that was on the very top of my bucket list ever since I got to know what exactly a bucket list is (which was half a year ago). Im not gonna lie, at the moment I feel like Meryl Streep must have felt when she finally won the Oscar for Best Actress after 13 nominations in a row. I am so damn proud of myself. Okay, yeah…I know what you must be thinking: “Is she kidding us, the only thing that she did was finding an internship in the US, not even at a very known organization so what is the big deal???!!!” Yeah, you are right. I would still advise you not to raise this argument in my presence if you want to stay alive. The whole process is…it took… Okay, let me actually hold my Oscar speech:

Dear Blog reader, dear Judith, dear all other people in my life;

I DID IT!!!!! DADADADAAMDADADAMDADADDADADADAMMMM. I found an internship at a place that I love, in a position that I am passionate about, in a city I A.D.O.R.E! I did not let anyone get into my way, even though people tried. I wrote applications for three months straight, which sums up to around 40 applications. I got 38 rejections and 2 phone interviews, one in San Diego with Invisible Children, the other in New York at a theater NGO. I died a thousand (metaphorical) deaths preparing for these before-mentioned interviews, lying awake for hours and hours at night, repeating answers to possible questions over and over and over and over again. I drove my roommate crazy, who basically had to become the interviewer person for me for hours and hours. I got both internships offered and freaked out about having to make a decision. I chose the NYC one. I started the visa application. I was told that my visa will cost me around $1,000 more than I was planning on spending and will take 6 more weeks than I had available. Several embassy calls, a bunch of emergency calls to my parents (“Dad, I need an international health insurance within the next four hours” “Mom, can you let the bank somehow prove  by tonight that we have more than $3,000 available?” “Erm, so…Mom, Dad…this whole process will exceed my budget by pretty much $,1500…could you lend me some?”) and a lot of lost nerves later, I finally have an interview appointment next monday. And hell, I am scared. I have nothing to hide of course but these consulate officers are so intimidating.I understand, they are just good at their job. But if they look at me and ask me in all honesty whether I am planning on attacking the US terroristically or whether I am planning on transmitting any highly infectious deceases, I will have trouble not to die of laughter. Because that could go bad in terms of visa approval. No, but I think I will be doing good. Until they ask: “Will you come back?” HAHAHAHA. I wonder if they ever had anyone sitting in this office, being asked that question and responding with a straight-forward, dry: “No.” ?! Honestly though, I just hope everything works out. I put so much effort into this, I don’t want it all to fail because of any visa problems. So, please keep your fingers crossed!

In terms of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, this whole thing actually helps me a lot. Only the fact that I will have to cross the whole country to go to the embassy with the earliest visa appointment, going to a city I haven’t been to before, having to find the consulate and getting my visa makes me nervous. Not because I am spoiled but because I grew up very protected. Oh well, the things you do for three months in New York…

I got my apartment already, since I will be living with one of my closest friends from campus. She got an internship in NY as well and trust me, we have so many things on our To-Do-List already, you will for sure be entertained with us doing all of that!

Now, everything should be perfect, right? Yeah, except for one thing that I completely forgot about over this whole internship drama: My finals!!! I still have four finals and three research projects, one moving-out process and one financial aid renewal application to do before boarding my plane (not to mention above-explained process of crossing the whole country for my visa appointment and booking a flight in the first place). Will I survive? HA, of course! Will I have a break-down out of exhaustion once I am actually in the air? HA, that for sure! Anyway, all in good time. And now I think it is time for my favorite TV show 😉

….To be continued…