I love you to the moon and back

Last Friday, we graduated from college, big time.We had it all- gowns, hats, tears, tossing (both hats and champagne), speeches, hugs, pictures, food, you name it. Then, a day after, I had to leave campus, and the three years I spent there, behind and go home. But what did these three years teach me?

I learned that good sleep is invaluable, I only learned the definition of allnighter in college. I broke up with stress several times only to enter a friends-with-benefits-relationship with motivation. I learned that Portuguese people are very very sceptical towards Germans- when my Portuguese roommate of a semester told her friends she was going to live with a German, their answer was an astonished “By choice?!?!”. I learned never to be on time for meetings or parties but always to be on time for on-campus events that included free food. I learned that there is no plural for shrimp and the “l” in salmon is silent. Apparently, Germans count wrong- we start the “1” with our thumb. I was told that, although I love my collection of clothes that have the US flag imprinted dearly, I should be careful how much of it I’m gonna wear in the states….redneck alert? I acquired a sense for which essays I had to start weeks in advance and which ones I could write in half a day. Sunshine, a treasure rarely found in a city with more rain than Edinburgh, can make everything better, that’s for sure. Death comes and goes, losing a friend will leave a little hole in yourself and your group but also reminds of the unpredictability of life. Dreams don’t fall into your lap, you have to live to find them. And amongst all, I’ve been taught the value of a handful of good friends that accept you more than you accept yourself sometimes, that make you smile even if you just wanna sit in your room and cry and demonstrate and ignore and that better be moving to cities with good Skype connections!

And while so much has happened with and around me, while I’ve learned so much about life and myself, the earth keeps on turning as if nothing had happened. Well, then I guess it’s time to turn the page and start the new chapter. It is titled: “Chase your dream!” and will entail the year in SF and my attempts of following my biggest dream of all- moving to New York!

You expect graduation to bring with it a great deal of wisdom. So, here is mine:


Cheers everybody, be good!
Sincerely, me 🙂