The Unexpectedly Wonderful Thing about Long Distance Friendships…

…is that the long-awaited moment of a reunion will eventually come around! After having had more miles and countries between you for much longer than you could have ever imagined, you can finally substitute that heart emoji on Whatsapp for a real hug. And no matter how long you haven’t seen each other, it will feel like grad ball was just yesterday.

Judith, the co-author of this blog, and I got to see each other in Hamburg after 1.5 years of having actively used all social media tools imaginable to stay in touch. We had 13 hours before I had to catch my flight back to San Francisco and a lot of catching up to do. I got to go to Vapiano with her, just like we used to after a long, much-dreaded final in college. We totally killed a bottle of our favorite wine. We watched the latest episode of one of our favorite TV Shows. We laughed at how old we had gotten when the planned allnighter ended at 3am due to severe tiredness. In the blink of an eye, it felt like we were roommates again. Except, she got herself a roommate upgrade- a handsome and witty guy she calls boyfriend. I approve of him because he took really good pictures of us that night and patiently endured Judith’s and my moments of girly squeakiness.

We wanted to share this moment of reunion with our beloved readers and let you know that more longdistanceroommates adventures are yet to come!

First hug caught on camera

First hug caught on camera

Le boyfriend, our triplet and Vapiano

Le boyfriend, our triplet and Vapiano

PLL and throwback.

PLL and Hugo…college throwback.

Judith, another one of our bests college friends, and I

Judith, another one of our bests college friends, and I


Early-morning goodbye at the airport :(

Early-morning goodbye at the airport 😦


See you…whenever Judith, I am already looking forward to that unexpectedly wonderful moment ❤

Long Distance

So here we are, and the blog title applies once again… Ari and I are no longer “real” roommates.

I mean, we’re no longer any kind of roommates , at least not officially. But I’m telling you, living with your best friend for two years (and NOT killing each other) creates a bond for life. At least that what it feels like to me. I can’t imagine my life without my roommate, and that’s still true even when we’re on different continents.

Also, it’s not like we’re strangers to long distance. We’ve been long distance roommates before (hence the blog), and we’ve also been in other kinds of long distance relationships before. In fact my boyfriend of now almost a year (wow) lives on a different continent as well. Conveniently, it’s the same one Ari will be moving to… and there are plans that I might move there as well in the not so distant future. So while we’d still be in different countries, at least we might end up on the same continent again.

This, then, is really the essence of what I take away from college: The bonds we forged, the ones that I hope will last a lifetime.

The people I love will be all over the world, in fact, they already are. Some of my best friends are currently in the U.S., in Venezuela, Germany, Australia, the U.K., Chile, Finland, Norway, Kenya… honestly, you name the country, chances are I’ll know someone either from there or currently living there. Some of them I don’t see every year or even every other year. Some I haven’t seen in years, some I might not see until our 10-year-reunion. And yet, I don’t think it’ll matter too much. We have Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, heck, even Pinterest to share those things that made us think of each other. The fact that we have Internet means we’re never really very far away from each other (except those moments when you really want to give the other person a hug).

So what’s next?

For me, it’s a six-month internship starting in August, and then… dare I say it… I might make my next move after that dependent on my boyfriend… because a year and a half of long distance is really quite enough. So one of us will be moving. Holy shit. That’s how serious we’ve become. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s the most amazing thing that ever happened to me, but… sometimes I get really freaked out.

For Ari… well if you’ve been following, you know about San Francisco. If not, GO BACK AND READ, seriously. And she’ll keep you posted of course. We plan on continuing this blog not just as a means to stay in touch but I guess also to sort out our “post college confusions”  – credits for the quote to Tabi, thanks 😉

So stick around… we can only get more confused (and therefore entertaining) from here on out… real life is waiting. (Yay?)

I love you to the moon and back

Last Friday, we graduated from college, big time.We had it all- gowns, hats, tears, tossing (both hats and champagne), speeches, hugs, pictures, food, you name it. Then, a day after, I had to leave campus, and the three years I spent there, behind and go home. But what did these three years teach me?

I learned that good sleep is invaluable, I only learned the definition of allnighter in college. I broke up with stress several times only to enter a friends-with-benefits-relationship with motivation. I learned that Portuguese people are very very sceptical towards Germans- when my Portuguese roommate of a semester told her friends she was going to live with a German, their answer was an astonished “By choice?!?!”. I learned never to be on time for meetings or parties but always to be on time for on-campus events that included free food. I learned that there is no plural for shrimp and the “l” in salmon is silent. Apparently, Germans count wrong- we start the “1” with our thumb. I was told that, although I love my collection of clothes that have the US flag imprinted dearly, I should be careful how much of it I’m gonna wear in the states….redneck alert? I acquired a sense for which essays I had to start weeks in advance and which ones I could write in half a day. Sunshine, a treasure rarely found in a city with more rain than Edinburgh, can make everything better, that’s for sure. Death comes and goes, losing a friend will leave a little hole in yourself and your group but also reminds of the unpredictability of life. Dreams don’t fall into your lap, you have to live to find them. And amongst all, I’ve been taught the value of a handful of good friends that accept you more than you accept yourself sometimes, that make you smile even if you just wanna sit in your room and cry and demonstrate and ignore and that better be moving to cities with good Skype connections!

And while so much has happened with and around me, while I’ve learned so much about life and myself, the earth keeps on turning as if nothing had happened. Well, then I guess it’s time to turn the page and start the new chapter. It is titled: “Chase your dream!” and will entail the year in SF and my attempts of following my biggest dream of all- moving to New York!

You expect graduation to bring with it a great deal of wisdom. So, here is mine:


Cheers everybody, be good!
Sincerely, me 🙂



So, it’s official… Ari and I are gonna be long-distance-roommates starting next month. I’m going to stay on campus working with admissions for two months, while Ari’s going to fly across the big pond to freakin’ NYC and work there… but I’ll let her tell you about that.

Before we get to the good part, we have to first get through finals. For me, this year, that means six exams in three weeks, plus two group projects (both of them, coincidentally, with my roommate), and a poster summarizing a presentation from earlier in the semester. Sounds pretty terrifying, but actually, I don’t think it will be so bad, the exams are nicely spread out over the three weeks, with enough time after each one to get going on the next. So, contrary to my first three semesters, this time I’m not actually very nervous. Also, the nice part of finals is that they mean classes are going to be over soon. That, in return, means sleeping in every morning, if we feel like it. No more “Anti-Aging through Learning and Health Self-Regulation” on Wednesday mornings for me (don’t even ask), no more Finance on Fridays for Ari. This is it, we’re almost done.

I also think we’ve developed certain coping strategies for finals by now… besides, obviously, time management, which means theoretically we should be able to avoid the stress completely. (Yeah, right). But if that doesn’t work, we have a pretty rich arsenal of procrastination techniques, ranging from Facebook and TV shows to the (valid) argument that we don’t get a lot of good weather here in Northern Germany so we should go lie in the sun while we can. I wonder if it’s a blessing or a curse that finals are in May, coincidentally one of the most beautiful months in this part of the world.

When procrastination has finally brought us to a point where we have to pull an all-nighter to still get things done, we’re no longer freaked out like we were as freshmen. We shrug, sigh, accept our fate, make instant noodle soup and cappucchino, and get started. (Last year, we invited two rather charming gentlemen for an all-night stats study session, who were nice enough to both bring snacks, candy AND ice-cream. Turned out to be a good strategy for an enjoyable evening, less so, however, for productive studying… well, you have to set priorities.)

This year, a certain feeling of insecurity comes with finals. So much is going to happen in the next few months. Both Ari and I will be working full-time for most of summer break in our respective jobs and internships. Then, if everything goes as planned, I’ll be studying in East Africa for a semester (more on that at some point later), Ari’s gonna move in with someone else for that time, and we’ll move back in together for the last semester at this university… and then what? Next year around this time, we’re going to be graduating. Class of 2013, ready to take on the world? Doesn’t really feel like it yet. Thank goodness we have another year!

I’m gonna hand over to Ari at this point (next post) who is basically bursting with happiness since she got her internship… it was quite the process, but she can tell you about that. For now, I’m gonna get back to my Chinese vocabulary… final next week. Wish me luck!