Hella hot!

It is hella hot this weekend in our city, although I bet L.A. people would still chuckle at us calling these temperatures “hot”. If you are hitting one of the beaches, good for you, I’ll see you there! If you, however, prefer to stay inside, get your A/Cs powered (if you are lucky enough to possess one) and just chill, check out this three-minute love letter to our beautiful city by the bay!

Brian Emerick, a film maker, moved to San Francisco last year and spent months filming all around the city. The result is a beautiful Ode to joy, love, nature and one of the world’s most beautiful little piece of heaven. The video consists of hundreds of one-second-shots that, combined into three minutes, do the city more than justice. Watch it, fall in love and put SF on your bucket list, if it isn’t already!