Stuff We Love

Judith’s Favorites:

  • Codecademy (teach yourself the basics of coding – for free!)
  • My Pinterest (if I ever share a recipe on this blog, my inspiration probably came from there…)
  • Spotify (because there is no way I could be without music, ever)
  • 8 tracks (because some people find cooler music than I ever would on my own…)
  • TED Talks (check out Brené Browns talk on vulnerability!)
  • Gala Darling’s Blog (because there is so much pink and glitter and goodness in one place!)

Ariane’s Favorites:

  • My Pinterest (once you go Pinterest, you won’t have other interest(s))
  • Duolingo (Free software with great results- been learning Portugese from scratch for 3 weeks now)
  • Skyscanner (A seriously awesome platform for cheap flights- maybe that short trip is affordable after all!!)
  • Jenna Marbles on YouTube (“There’s a video every Wednesday and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!”)
  • Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube (I love their tutorials, super easy to follow and..well…really cute.)
  • Kindle for MacBooks (Being too broke to purchase an actual Kindle, this is a great alternative)

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