About Us

Long-distance-roommates? Dafuq?

Yeah, we know. We thought it sounded cool. An oxymoron, if you will.

What? Why it’s worth following our blog? Well, let me pass on a little secret here my friend (and soon-to-be-follower): It’s a scary world out there! I’m talking grown-ups, bills, universities, possibilities, opening doors and closing doors, responsibilities, trying and failing. We are currently trying to fit into this world, having just graduated from college and attempting to grow up- cause seriously, college is not growing up. College is finding the break-even point between depriving sleep and fueling alcohol. And since life is trial and error, laugh at our trials and learn from our errors πŸ™‚

Who we are? Well, dear curious reader, WE are 2 college graduates who had been roommates for 2 years and have always used this blog as a means of staying in contact during semesters and internships abroad and summer apart. Now, I will be going to San Francisco for grad school and Jude will go to Berlin for an internship. A little about us:

We are insaaaanely creative and will never fail in providing you with useful DIYs and creative ways to procrastinate, ignore dirty laundry, scrap the burned parts of your food and so on


If you think we look awkward in this picture, double that amount of awkward to get us in Real Life- funny stories guaranteed!

One of us (and once you’ll follow us, it won’t be hard for you to guess which one) has been born very far (Germany) from where she’s supposed to be (NEW YORK CITY), but is about to start her Odyssey way home. The other one is tackling life as it comes while searching for her true passion.


Meanwhile, we are always open for crazy cool food ideas… though, as for now, not even Instagram could make the outcomes look pretty

After all, we have just graduated from a bubble called College Campus and life is throwing itself onto us like Julia Roberts onto Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, so if you feel like joining in on our postgraduate life with all its Ups and Downs, hit FOLLOW now and win the chance of being entertained for a long, long time!

Ari and Judy




6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Glad I stumbled onto your blog! I really like your writing, the content is great, and the new look is perfect. Can’t wait to try some of your tips and recipes when I move into my dorm. (:

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