Home Alone: Now what?

Dear reader,

I know that I have not exactly earned the title “blogger” recently. If it wasn’t for my long-distance roommate, I don’t think there’d be a blog any more. (THANK YOU ARI!) So just to catch y’all up on my life: I moved to Hamburg 6 months ago with my boyfriend. We’d been together a year at that point and we had basically spent the last months in Munich semi-living together, so we figured we were well-prepared for the 400 square feet of adorable apartment awaiting us. (There’s a small garden, too, but you can’t really count those square feet, since being outside is not so much fun in Hamburg in winter).

I can’t even count how many times I’ve earned utter disbelief when I’ve said that I can stand sharing this space with another person. But honestly, it’s perfect. I mean, we fight. We do. Overall, though, we’re one of those disgustingly close couples who hold hands wherever we walk, play footsies on the train if we have to sit across from each other rather than side by side, blow kisses at the other whenever we so much as leave the room to go to the restroom… you get the idea. We’re close. And moving to a city where neither of us had a close social network brought us even closer – to the point where we both realized we needed to actively spend some time apart from each other in order to build friendships and not become insanely codependent.

Picture a couple that’s this attached, and then imagine one of them suddenly has to leave town for four days. That’s exactly what happened. A family matter has required my significant other to go to our home town near Munich for OVER HALF A WEEK, leaving me ALL ALONE in our suddenly very big apartment.

I’m dramatizing, of course. We’ve been apart before. It’s just usually been me who left to go teach a seminar somewhere else for a weekend, or visit my family for a holiday that means a lot to them and not a lot to my boyfriend. So while we were apart, I usually had plenty of things to do with that time.

Now I’m sitting in our apartment with absolutely no “have to”s. I don’t have to work for another four days, I don’t have to go anywhere, I don’t have any extremely urgent tasks. In the morning, I had a mild panic attack wondering: What on earth am I going to do with my life for the next 96 hours?

Unfortunately, after 6 months, my social circle is very much still in the process of being built. I have tentative plans for coffee with someone I can’t call a friend just yet, and to be fair I have pretty epic Saturday night plans with one of my best friends from college who is in town with her cousins. But what about daytime? Netflix seems less fun without my cuddle buddy. Plus being lazy by myself feels lazier than being lazy with someone else. Because then at least you can say it’s “quality time”.

In case you ever find yourself in a similar situation, here’s a random list of things I did today or am planning for the following days… and after some brainstorming I have to say: Maybe four days will go by rather quickly, after all!

  • Gardening: I mentioned we have a garden, right? Well, it’s awesome, but a lot of work. Since the weather is nice and spring-y, I’ve been spending some time trying to make it prettier.
  • Bouldering: Well, that one’s a given, I go at least twice a week anyways. I had the advantage of being able to go early in the day today, when there were exactly two people excluding myself, so I had the walls more or less to myself.
  • Laundry: On my to-do list for today. Might as well get that out of the way.
  • Baking bread: I have an awesome-looking recipe I’m dying to try. Maybe I’ll even save some for the BF to try when he gets back. Maybe.
  • Playing computer games: I feel very antisocial doing this when I’m spending time home with the BF. Now I have all the time in the world to get my nerd on!
  • Freelance work: I actually do have a project I could work on. Maybe not having distractions around me is not such a bad thing 😉
  • Buying and painting a garden table: I spotted one at IKEA that is cheap and just needs a coat of white paint to go with the chairs. My project for tomorrow!
  • Crafting: This is a big one! I can’t properly do this with someone else in the room, because I feel self-conscious about both the work (I mostly do art-journalling, which feels rather private) and the mess I make in the process.

This plus social things plus boring things like grocery shopping… looks like I should stop hanging around on the Internet or I’ll never get everything done! I’ll be back… I’d say soon but let me just promise a shorter break between posts than last time. So long!