17 Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person

Yes to almost all of these..anybody recognize themselves? Happy Wednesday people (or Thursday, if you live anywhere east of California…)

Thought Catalog

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1. You’ve been told your whole life you’re sensitive. When you were a child people always pointed out what a sensitive kid you were, friends would probably describe you as someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. You just have SO MANY EMOTIONS. All the time. And you always have.

2. You have an incredible intuition that’s rarely wrong. You trust your gut instinct and have learned to hone in on the way your body communicates to you when something doesn’t feel right or when something’s about to happen.

3. You can’t function without alone time.  You need time to be by yourself to recharge, to get away from social stimulation, and just be alone with yourself. If you go too long without having a break from sensory input you feel worn out and exhausted.

4. You get overwhelmed easily. Large crowds, bright lights…

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