One-Way Ticket

My first time of ever buying a one-way ticket was pretty much a year ago. It took me from Hamburg to London to Los Angeles and, finally, to San Francisco. I booked it with that bittersweet feeling of not knowing what to expect. Yet, it was the best thing I had ever done for myself. I knew it was my life, my journey, my way of starting over and I took the stir wheel once again. Booking a one-way ticket is a very liberating way of taking control while, at the same time, entering uncontrollable terrain. You should give it a thought!

Then, I arrived in San Francisco and fell in love. With a city. With a state. With a boy. With housemates that became more like my host family. With new places I got to see. Carmel-by-the-Sea, Big Sur, Yosemite, L.A, Stinson Beach, the Redwoods, Santa Cruz, Vegas, The Grand Canyon…

I also changed. From the outside, I became tanned and happy. I surfed and I meditated and I tried Yoga and Kambucha and Kale Chips. From the inside, I became my own best friend, a little more confident in myself and a little more determined in what I wanted my life to look like. And, overall, I was -am- very fulfilled and happy. But, after almost a year, my studies are nearing an end. Being here on a student visa, I had one shot at finding a job related to my field of study. It was either that or going home, without knowing if I ever were able to get such an opportunity again. I wasn’t ready to go back yet, I knew that my U.S. journey was not over. So I worried and applied and reached out and really really tried.

Yesterday, I got a job. I will be staying in the US for at least another year with the prospect of being sponsored for a long-term work visa after. I felt like Will Smith in the final scene of “The Pursuit of Happyness” – which happens to take place in San Francisco as well, actually. So, I guess, that’d be the part in a movie where the main characters wander down a street, off into the distance. Or where a book would end. But I am nowhere near finished, I am so excited for what lies ahead of me. I will be starting my first real job at a tech start-up here in San Francisco. I want to finally get my drivers license, regardless of how recklessly dangerous those damn hills in town may be. I want to go surf on the weekends and get good at it. I want to continue living my life, see the things I never thought I’d see and keep on laughing and being happy. I will celebrate another Thanksgiving and another Halloween, will yet once more live through SF’s seasons (“sunny” and “foggy”) and keep meeting new people. So, for all you followers- stay tuned! I will continue with my San Francisco updates and I hope you are just as excited about that as I am.

For now, I will use Rowling’s words: All is well. All is more than well!