Hey y’all!

Can you do something for me, please?

All you lifestylers, dreamers, poets, life-lovers and friends that have been following the blog for a bit now? On June 27, 2013, both Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats voted to pass a bill to overhaul US immigration. But the legislation faces major obstacles in the House, with GOP leaders vowing to move on their own bill.

I love the U.S! I spent the past 14 years perfecting my English to the point where people confuse me for an American by now. I studied the culture, by religiously watching Parental Control or Dismissed on MTV, because those were the only non-dubbed shows on German TV. Every single person, within five minutes of getting to know me, can tell how comfortable I feel in this country, how happy it makes me, how I could see myself moving here for good. I am getting my Master’s Degree in California…did you know, by the way, that the money international students contributed to the U.S. economy between 2012-2013 created 313.000 new jobs? Did you also know that, when being interviewed to get your U.S. student visa, it works against you to indicate ANY sort of interest in staying in the United States beyond your studies?

I found the country I belong to but, unfortunately for me, I was born very far away from it. It is hard for me to get a work visa, to be employed…not because employers don’t value my skills. But because they know how hard it is to hire a foreigner and go through all the visa troubles, they barely look beyond my visa status.

Here’s where you come in!

Congress needs to be reminded that people in the U.S. care, that it is in your and everyone’s interest to continue the original idea of America being a melting pot of nations. Please take a moment to look at this super short checklist with things you can do to help me, or others in similar situations. Tweet your statements using #TimeIsNow. Write your representatives. Sign this online petition! I cannot stress enough how happy it would make me to know that people care!

Thanks a bunch guys!!




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