8 Things East Coasters Say That West Coasters Don’t Understand


Thought Catalog

It's Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaIt’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

1. “Can we go to Dunkinor something? I need breakfast.

What is it with east coasters’ obsession with round, carb-loaded foods for breakfast?! If you want to see a New Yorker flip out on you, suggest that a bagel isnt even really a breakfast food — you will quickly regret everything youve ever said, ever. I love the Patriots as much as the next girl (no, I take that back, I love them more because I love the Patriots A LOT) but to be honest, Dunkin Donuts isnt even really that good. Yeah, I said it. Not that good.  What, you gonna go all Aaron Hernandez on me?! 

2. Its too far, its like on the other side of the city.

you mean the other side of the…

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