6 Life Lessons Surfing Taught Me

I went surfing for the very first time today! So yeah, maybe I’m nowhere near experienced enough to give big speeches about this sport. But  especially in the early stages of learning something new, your brain is like a sponge sucking up all these new impressions. So many steps to keep in mind, so many new muscles to move… . What impressed me, was that surfing seems to be such a soul sport. It’s a lifestyle. And I believe the reason for that is because so many surfing rules, can also be applied to life:

1. It’s 80% Fight and 20% Surfing.

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s really hard and you have to overcome struggles and hurdles and leave your comfort zone. But, it will be worth it. No Ups without the Downs.

2. If you do ride a wave, celebrate.

After struggling and gulping water, you finally got onto the board and owned that wave? BE PROUD! You worked hard for that and didn’t give up, did not get defeated, you have all right to be happy and hyper and full of adrenaline.

3. Don’t Drop in on Someone’s Right of Way.

The surfer closest to the peak of the wave has the right to surf the wave. They did their work, they did their waiting so don’t you dare take that glory of a (hopefully) victorious ride away from them.

4. Don’t Snake.

Snaking means overtaking a surfer in order to get your right of way. In other words: Don’t be righteous! No matter how good you think you are, don’t you dare overrule others and mess up their game.

5. No Board Ditching.

Look, I get it. The wave breaks and you freak out and kinda dive under and you don’t really care what happens with your board, you wanna make it out of these waters alive and you’ll do whatever is necessary… so you let it fly off. Having been twisted and twirled around more than just a couple of times today, I know that shit happens. But you will make enemies if you start loosing your head in a tricky situation and don’t think of what’s best for everybody. Remain calm and in control when stressed.

6. The Ocean is Unpredictable.

And so is life. One minute the waves are great and everything goes smoothly and next thing you know, you are being dragged out by a current. As the saying goes: You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!




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