Things Learned In 2013

I have never had a year with so many “lasts“- last college party, last undergrad final, last sleepover, last hug from my friends, last walk across campus, my home for the past three years.
But I also never had that many “firsts“- first time on the West Coast, first time living abroad, first 10k run, first round of the “sisterhood of the travelling bag” that my four best friends from college and I started, first step of the next chapter of my life, first Thanksgiving and first Christmas away from home.
I have had my downfalls and my moments of triumphs and the sum of these make this year such a special one in every aspect. Here are some life lessons it taught me:

Breaks do not work
If you wanna break up with someone, be straightforward, do it and leave it at that. Do not waste your energy, dreams and sparkle on a constant back and forth. There was a reason the relationship came to a halt and second chances often just extend the inevitable. If your partner really loves you, he/she won’t do anything that requires a second chance. If you are the one pleading for a second try, maybe ask yourself what it is that got yourself into that situation in the first place.

Trust in others, trust in yourself and, mostly, trust that everything really is going to be alright in the end. Don’t get discouraged because you find yourself in a different situation than expected, you never know where that new path is going to lead you. Life is trial and error and that’s the beauty of it!

Oh my god, I could write about that one for hours. Find yourself friends that will believe in you even if you have given up on yourself, that will show you the truth when you deny it and, most importantly, that will laugh with you. If you have found those, hold on to them with everything you got!

I had taken that to an extreme for a while and it was anything but helpful to me. I think when you fully stop caring what other people think, you are holding something really powerful in your hands.

Remember that tingling feeling of excitement when your plane approaches the airport and you catch glimpses of your new travel destination? You feel excited, wild, adventurous, hungry for new experiences and new people and new impressions? Exactly, that’s why everybody’s ought to travel as much and as lightly as possible!

Love is all you need
Yup, the Beatles got that one right. Sometimes, love actually is all around.
In a life that is full of interruptions and plot twists, it is nice to realize that love will always be a reoccurring phenomenon. It will come in different forms and different people but it will always be there to give you butterflies and new daydreams. And you know what they say about dreams… As for me, I’m in love, which is the perfect end to a year and a perfect beginning of a new one!

I hope you all have a happy new year and can look back to an enriching and unique couple of months.
See you all back in 2014!!



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