Five Totally Random Reasons to Love Berlin

Apparently, you can’t just “kinda like” Berlin. You have to take sides. You love it? Great. You hate it? Great! Just don’t act so indecisive!

Well, in that case, after having spent four months in this city, I choose to love Berlin – and here’s why:

  1. Public transportation. It’s nothing like where Ari lives. I mean, of course, people still complain, but really, it’s awesome. During rush hours, trams come every 3-10 minutes, depending on the line. I usually take one that only comes every 10 minutes – yes, it’s a bit less popular, but guess what, it also means I still get a seat during rush hour! The other thing about trams and some subway lines is that they run even in the middle of the night – no “I have to get this tram, it’s the last one, else I’ll have to get a cab” in Berlin!
  2. “Späti culture”. Spätis are small shops that sell a variety of stuff you may or may not need in the middle of the night – snacks, alcohol, energy drinks, quick meals. They’re basically open whenever, so if for some reason you suddenly want pizza at 4 a.m., chances are you will not walk more than a hundred yards or so until you find some.
  3. The subway cars. They’re adorably yellow and cute and look like a relic from another century, which I guess they are…berlinsubway
  4. Bars. There are so many bars here that have incredible character. A few weeks ago, I went to a bar called “Konrad Tönz”, which is set up like a 70s living room, complete with an old black-and-white TV and the terrible awesome wallpaper designs. The week before, I found a Russian gem of a bar, complete with a vodka menu (and one option to “only order in emergencies – very strong”) and snacks cooked by “Mama”. I can’t wait to see what else there is!
  5. Brunch. It’s totally possible to go have delicious big breakfasts on Sunday mornings (or afternoons, if you prefer) and not spend more than seven or eight euros. I’ve done this a few times and I’m officially in love with Berlin’s brunch culture, and kind of hoping I’ll be able to do a piece on my favourite brunch places soon.

These are not the top five reasons to love this city, really. They’re just the first five things that came to my mind. I’m sure there’s more, so stay tuned for a possible sequel – and feel free to comment and add your own reasons to love Berlin! 🙂


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