DIY- Brand Shoes

So, for my Advertising class, I was supposed to create a Brand Book- pick 25 brands that are some of my personal favorites and somehow portray them in a creative way. After two weeks of tossing and turning around at night, I finally found the solution: Brand shoes are the new brand books!! Wanna learn how to make these awesome DIY brand flats??


It’s really easy and SO much fun. All you need is:

  • a brush, preferably a larger one- $2
  • Mod Podge. I chose the glossy kind because I really like the after- effect it has when all dried up. Any craft store in the US should carry it. Also, it lasts FOREVER, so buy a small bottle- $5-6
  • Shoes. Any type works but your cut outs will stick best on shoes (fake) leather or plastic material. Also, heels will take longer to be taped obviously, since they have a greater surface.
  • Collage material. Comic books, newspaper, magazine pages- everything works. Since mine are brand themed, I had to print my snippets. Printed stuff works but make sure to use photocopy paper or go to a copy shop and ask for a type of paper that gets as close to comic book paper as possible
  • Paper tissues ready by hand and something to cover the workspace

Time: 4 hrs. Mine took three, since I was working with flats and the collage pieces were rather big. Heels might take longer. This video might be additionally helpful in getting the idea.

Get started:

Cut out your paper snippets. Choose the size and the shape based on the type of shoe you use and your own preference. Cover the inside of the shoe with a plastic bag or paper to avoid glue running into the insides. Also cover your floor/table, Pod Modge IS going to drip on it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter that, GO CRAZY! You are the master of desaster, go crazy with paper and glue. I was so nervous to mess it up (it was a class assignment, mind you), that I retraced the shape of the shoe on a sheet of paper and layed out the pieces there, just to have a rough idea on how it is going to look and which ones I should glue down first. That helped a lot.
During the glueing process, you might be horrified. I was. It looked like an absolute mess with the glue getting everywhere. Paper tissues help removing it from the soles and the edges that you wanna keep free from paper.


After the bigger pieces are glued down, you can use a precision knife or scissors to cut out little collage pieces that would fill potential empty spaces. Scissors will do the job just fine too though.
Once you’re satisfied with the way the shoe looks, cover everything in a thin layer of Pod Modge. It’s gonna look horribly white and you’ll think it’s never going to work out…trust me, it will dry. And you’ll be happy.

Let the shoes dry overnight. Then, add a second layer of Pod Modge and leave them for a day or two. After that, they’re ready to be worn. Go get yourself the attention you deserve!
The great thing is that you can apply that principle to anything really- shoes, bags, wallets, water bottles..the opportunities are endless! Sounds intriguing? Hells yeah!

Now, let’s hope my Professor is as open for creative solutions as I hope he’ll be….

Cheers and get going!



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