Sunny with a chance of perfect days

So, a little while ago I told you about this awesome one-day-roadtrip I took, promising you to share more ideas of what to do in the Bay Area. I also told you, that most of these ideas derived from dates I had been having with this one guy I met here. Him and I are now trying this thing called Relationship, it’s really cool, y’all should look into that 😉

With fall kicking in here in San Francisco, the days are becoming shorter and, yes, colder. However, it’s not quite as bad as in Northern Germany, where public transport is currently shutting down due to a serious storm. It just means that you should wear tights under and a jacket over your summer dress. Though, for this all-day activity suggestion, you might wanna consider taking a hoodie or a blanket.

Another Awesome Day in SF

You’ll need to:

  • Dress in layers
  • Wear comfy shoes!!!
  • Bring your state ID or some form of residency verification
  • Have a bottle of wine (or two)
  • Your camera

S.F. Zoo

With an entrance fee of $17 dollars, this isn’t the cheapest thing to do around here but if you are a local resident, you’ll get a three dollar discount. The Zoo is open 365 days a year excluding holidays but including Government Shutdown. During the summer months, however, the park closes at 5pm. I found that quite strange seeing that the U.S. is hyping their 24/7 culture…not that I’d expect the zoo to be open at midnight but at least until the sun sets..? Anyway, you get the idea. Be there early.

If you don’t have children with you, you’ll be fine planning 3-4 hours for the zoo. It has a great variety of animals from both the US and around the world and the compounds are far stretched out. In fact, it seems more like a big, pretty park with occasional animal cages than the other way around. Get yourself some ice-cream, stroll through the zoo and be entertained by adorable little penguins or koala bears.


Twin Peaks

Take the L line from S.F. Zoo to Forest Hill. Look up when the sun sets and make sure to arrive at the station a good three hours before that. You’ll get out of the station and see a big hill right in front of you- climb that! If you see a really creepy psychiatric clinic to your left, you’re on the right track. I say creepy because it looks like an old, abandoned horror-movie building but people actually work there. Anyway, keep on climbing. It took us about an hour to get up to Twin Peaks but only because we got lost on the parking lot of the clinic….

Ideally, you get up the peak when it’s still sunny out but closely before the sun is about to set. It is REALLY windy up there, so you won’t be able to sit and take in the scenery for more than an hour unless you are dressed warmly and have wine. Oh yes, the wine- now is the time to open it! Take in the magnificent view over San Francisco’s downtown skyline, the far-stretched neighborhoods, the ocean in the distance and Golden Gate Bridge halfway hidden in the fog while zipping on a glass of good Napa wine. Since the sun sets really fast here, you might even make it long enough to see the nightlife starting. It’s amazing really.





The Castro

You know it’s time to leave when your fingers are too cold to push the exposure button on your camera. It’s time to warm up- in a bar or restaurant of your choice in the Castro district. Climb down the other way of which you came- towards the skyline. Don’t be confused by the fact that there isn’t a sidewalk or bike lane, you just walk down on the street. It feels kinda cool though, it’s one of those curvy mountain roads going down and you can still enjoy the skyline view and it makes you feel like you are one lucky, free person on a roadtrip. After about 20 minutes, you will hit Market street, which will take you right into Castro- one of San Francisco’s most vibrant communities with the best variety of restaurants and bars there is. Walk to Market and 16th if you are looking for pubs with a huge beer selection. Kitchen Story has amazing Thai Food but is more on the pricy side of life. Warm up, have some food, grab a beer or three and end the evening knowing you’ve combined your inner child with outdoor fun and great cuisine. Boom!








































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