Humans of San Francisco

I believe I mentioned a book full of challenges that my friends gave me as a good-bye present, right? Well, one of those challenges said: “Publish at least three pictures à la Humans of New York where you photograph strangers and tell their stories.” Here goes #1:

“So, what’s the story behind this sign?”
“I was raised properly and I was taught that masturbating is normal and OK. It’s terrible how closed up people are to this topic, so I wanna help ’em ease into it. Also, it’s just great watching people react, I like to hold it up in front of a bus….see, those guys laughed, they know what I’m talkin about!”
“Are you always around this area?”
“I come from everywhere and I go everywhere. Today I’m here, tomorrow I’m somewhere else. I like the people of SF though, they react the best. Very liberal.”






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