Countdown Series: 1 Day

Well…I warned you. I kinda failed in keeping up my daily countdowns but this week has just been full of last minute preparations and several goodbye events and lots of sleeping. Also, I am getting more nervous by the hour basically and I am convinced that I forgot something really, really vital that will make me get turned down at my port of entry- do you know that feeling? I mean, you will always forget something but there are things that are really not worth crying over and some others that just cannot be forgotten… anyway, moving on to prevent a nervous breakdown!!

My bags are packed and should anybody open one of them, they would find an interesting hodgepodge of stuffed animals, tons of nailpolish, pictures and yes, here and there clothes as well. So, here is to my last countdown which kinda relates to packing and flying:

1 Day- Time for Presents!!

I gotta say I was overwhelmed by all the awesome postcards, pictures, presents and words of support that I received upon saying goodbye to people. It’s really amazing to have such a great support network and it makes challenges like that more fun and less frightening.
I took all the cards with me (I know they’ll help against homesickness) but there are two things I am very much looking forward to during the plane ride:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis book was sent to my by my long-distance roommate a few weeks ago and I believe the first entry is supposed to start on the plane. It’s a small journal that is divided into 12 months with every month holding a few challenges for me. Apparently my friends brainstormed for that a while and I can’t wait to get started on it- of course I will share all adventures and challenge results here, too. Just saying guys, it ain’t gonna be a boring year for all our followers! 🙂
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo many pages full of fun and challenges- I think we should all take a moment of silence to honor Judith’s arts-and-crafts skills!!!

On top of that, my friend of 18 years gave me a present that I had to swear I would only open on the plane…naturally, I am really really curious and can’t wait to rip of the wrapping like an impatient four-year-old on Christmas. What could it beeeeee, I wanna knoooow!!
Bottomline: Tomorrow is a little bit like Christmas, Eastern and Birthday combined and once I am in my new room with all my suitcases, I’ll be a whole lot less nervous and a whole lot more tired! Good night and hopefully talk to ya’ll state-side soon 🙂

Cheers and give your best friend a present!!



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