Countdown Series: 7 Days

Whoop whoop! I gotta admit, there might not be 7 more countdown posts following because I’m becoming increasingly busy with last preparations and making sure that I didn’t forget anything important. But I still have a few things worth noting so here’s to:

7 Days- Walmart

Dude. It’s insane. Walmart is not just a supermarket that somehow always seems to be within reach and conveniently opens 24/7. It also got the most ginormous proportions ever! I am not even kidding, this thing is like an airport terminal. You can get lost in there- I know that because I have. It’s consumerism at its best but it is consumer heaven! THEY. HAVE. EVERYTHING! They have Nutella for a reasonable price. They have ALL sorts of Oreos…like PEPPERMINT-CHOCOLATE-DOUBLEDECKER-OREOS! They have ISLES full of ice-cream flavors and brands. Most of the packages and bags come in supersizes. It’s insane, basically. And once you recover from that epiphany, you might just be lucky enough to have a friend close by a….wait for it ’cause it’s gonna be legendary…SUPER WALMART! Not kidding, there are even bigger versions that would fit my entire house. Wow. Just wow. And yes, I know what you must think: Where does this girl live?!…Not in America. Most of the time, Walmarts also have a Taco Bell or McDonalds on the property so that you can buy food after you bought food and I totally get it. You just need to sit down and somehow recover from your Walmart shopping spree. Best part about it- I found a true Plan B for my life: Become a Walmart greeter! Seriously, the minute I found out that it’s a job position, I knew it was made for me. Who else would greet the incoming shoppers with an enthusiastic: “Hi, Welcome to Walmart, HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW POP-TART FLAVORS YET?!?!?!??!?!?!”

Cheers and stop by Walmart!


*photo credits to Pinterest

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