Countdown Series: 8 Days

Who implemented luggage weight restrictions?! And who made time pass by so fast?! I feel like there are sooo many things still to do…convert euros into dollars. Get all my documents together. Be sure to HAVE all important documents. And, most importantly, pack my bags. Luckily, my dad must have won the Tetris World Series at some point in his life, he’s amazing in folding and storing a waaay to big pile of clothes into an obviously waaay too tiny suitcase. Oh yeah, and there is obviously still the feeling that I must have forgotten something. Am I ready for….

…8 Days- Big City Life

I grew up in a tiny cute town in the middle of nowhere. No big crimes or news except maybe for occasional headlines like “Freddy the Raccoon escaped his cage”. It’s a great town to raise kids but a depressing town to grow to a youngster in. At some point I think people debated building a skater park but that never happened and after the only 16+ club in the entire area burned down, there was nowhere to go out to either. Well, what can I say- there’s a reason I graduated as best in my year…there was simply nothing else but studying left to do. But I love life in big cities. I love the buzz and having lots of people around me. I enjoy being exposed to all sorts and types of people and classes. While some people might hate the anonymity, it allows me to be myself and sometimes dance through the streets or throw on a ridiculously extroverted outfit to go to the supermarket because NO ONE CARES! You can be anything and, most of the time, people will either ignore you or smile at you (friendly is most cases, sometimes also a little sympathetically). I appreciate the great choice in cultural, social and educational events and I mean…come on- there’s just no way HONY could work in towns like mine.
I know San Francisco is not the biggest of cities in the US, a lot of people actually said it’s got a small town feeling to it. But I also heard it’s super open-minded towards everything and very opposed to stagnation in any way. Well, I’m intrigued. But I’m not a naive dreamer, I know the downsides of living in a big urban environment. A very good friend of mine got robbed by a guy with a gun in the streets of the Mission district yesterday and stories like that remind me of the dangers that do lie behind some adventures. Sometimes, movie scenes and real life aren’t that different from each other at all (both the movies with a kiss in the rain and the movies with robberies and murder and mystery). Like Paracelsus said: “The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy”. 8 Days!

Cheers and go get a dosage of big city life!



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