Countdown Series: 11 Days

I knooooow, I know. I’m sorry people. Turns out the temporary internet problem developed into a complete meltdown… you only realize how much you depend on phone and wifi once you’re without them in the middle of nowhere (aka my hometown). And this happening in the midst of my countdown series is such a typical Ari- story. Well. Let’s just get used to the idea that the countdown might be more infrequent than I’d have wanted it to be and move on to:

11 Days: Traveling

When you go study abroad in Europe there’s something called RyanAir and it might just be the cheapest and easiest way to travel other countries. I’m not sure exactly what the American equivalent would be but I’m sure SF is a good starting point to explore the surrounding area, California and other cities in other states. Of course that will happen as cheaply as possible and I’m convinced that there will be a bunch of fun posts about cheap traveling yet to come! Although I am scared of flying (I haven’t figured out yet how I’m gonna make it to SF without suffering a heart attack), I love the buzz at airports, the people that (mostly) are excited to get places, the impatient longing for new destinations, for holidays and the opening (or closing) of another chapter in your life, it’s a great feeling. The things always by my side during those trips are my camera, mosquito spray, sunglasses and my brand-new big backpack! I have friends who already promised to visit me during the year and I already started to make a list of places I wanna travel. These include, among others:

  1. Yosemite National Park (after I have figured out how to pronounce Yosemite…)
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Disneyland (aaaaaaaaah, make my dreams come true Disneyland!!)
  4. Las Vegas
  5. New York (preferably around Christmas and New Year’s- remember that bucket list from last year? )
  6. The Grand Canyon

Those are just a few of my top things to see, I’m not sure I’ll have time and opportunities to go but I learned never to say No to a real adventure or a free seat in the car… so I guess even before getting a phone or a bank account in the States, I should make friends that own a drivers license and are just as excited about getting around as I am!

Of course I will keep you posted on how this list is developing and being adjusted but one thing is clear: San Francisco might not be the warmest of places but it sure can’t be worse than Northern Germany. I am tired of flat, rainy, cold countrysides, I want palms and ocean and mountains and the sun and since all of that is in reach within that year, I WANT THEM AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!!! (Yeah, I know…that’s what she said). So, stay tuned, 11 Days!!

Cheers and go plan a vacation!




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