Countdown Series: 17 Days

Hey Ho!

I feel like I should put a stop to the food posts (for now) and go over to stores. With globalization and the American lifestyle still putting sparkles into European-ism, more and more chains and retailers get swamped onto the other Atlantic shore. The other day, the first Forever 21 opened in Berlin (yaaaaaay) and Hollister and A&F become more and more known BUT there is one retail chain we don’t have yet and that I am really looking forward to:

17 Days- Victoria’s Secret

Here’s the good about Victoria’s Secret: The material is soft, they have great choice for all sizes, you enter the store and already feel much prettier, more feminine and mysterious. The shop assistants are well-informed and might surprise you by giving you a size completely different from the one you’ve been buying for the past trizillion years. But then you try it on, look into the mirror and suddenly you feel like a Secret Angel as well and you wanna walk out of the store and kiss the world and scream “Screw Heidi Klum, HERE I AM!”. Apart from underwear, they also have adorable bikinis and bathing suits and very comfortable clothes…exactly the kind you wanna wear on your way back from the gym or while chilling at home with a good book or even only to seduce your partner. So, basically…however comfortable or uncomfortable you are with your body, VS clothes can make the world look a whole lot better. The great amount of choice in everything concerning underwear convinced me and made me a fan, it’s just very convenient.
BUT, nothing is perfect, so here is the bad: It’s EXPENSIVE! Yes, it’s good material but do I really wanna pay $50 for a pair of sweatpants just because it says juicy on the butt? I am not obsessed with brand-name clothes, I think they’re overpriced and over-hyped for the most part and so it does take time until I let my inner goddess win and invest into expensive underwear…especially if I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. I mean…whats the point, right? Also, VS has awesome Sales and discounts but ooooh my, beware the wrath of discount hunters. They will run into the stores in a bulk, burst through the isles like there’s no tomorrow and will put the wrong sizes to the even wronger places. It’s hopeless and very time consuming to go through every isle looking for your fit. Discounts have to be really great to make it worth it.

I shall nevertheless look forward and participate in that hunt!

Cheers and go shopping, you deserve a treat 😉




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