Countdown Series: 18 Days

Wow, time is going by really fast and while I am enjoying every single day at home, I can’t help but getting increasingly excited. This post is another fatty one and I apologize. I feel like I should point out, that I’m not rolling through life 🙂 Despite the fact that I can’t resist American goodies, I hit a personal benchmark today and ran a 10k, so I think it’s just fair that I can now focus on….

18 Days- Cupcake Culture

Germans are getting more and more used to them but Muffins are still far more common around here. Cupcakes however, are amazing! There are countless variations, combination possibilities, recipes and decoration material. Of course, I am a huge fan of the ones that have a chocolate cake and peppermint cream but if you really get into the matter, it’s an entire world opening up to you. First of all, there are the obvious ones: something caramel-appleish for autumn, lemons during summer, chocolate core during winter etc etc but the decorations really do it for me. I am always amazed how many options even the smallest of convenience store offers. Websites like pinterest sure do the rest. And all the pink and purple and cuteness..huh. I sure ain’t a girly girl but cupcakes really tickle that side out of me. I have only once tried to make some but they didn’t turn out too well. With much better premises in the States, however, I will try to get better in them.  So, for now…enjoy the pictures and just think about how much love the bakers put into them!!

Cheers and go bake!























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