Countdown Series: 19 Days

Hey guys!

First of all- we are overwhelmed by the number of followers! When we started our blog in April last year, we didn’t really expect anyone to be too interested in our college jabbering and now we are already at 52!! Thank you, every time you hit Follow, Like or Comment, we are really happy 🙂

So, remember how I started my Countdown Series on Sunday and swore to post every day? Well, I missed yesterday but it wasn’t my fault, we had an internet meltdown. It’s all fixed now (hopefully), so lets pretend nothing happened and go over to…

19 Days- Broccoli Au Gratin

Yep, another one about food. Even worse: It’s box food but, to me, it’s the best box food in the world: Broccoli Au Gratin. I first bought the “Rice A Roni” version but tried several other brands since and liked them all equally much.
Ok, I know what you think- Artificial ingredients to enhance color and taste, looks like vomit, basically no real broccoli or natural cheese in there blablabla. I get it. It’s not the healthiest of foods but when I tried it last summer, I fell in love with it. And I’m serious- nobody ain’t messin with ma Broccoli Au Gratin. I had fights with boyfriends about that in the past, who wanted to talk me out of this “unhealthy shit that just ruins your body”. We didn’t break up over that but….it was close. The Au Gratin is to me what cats are to the crazy old cat lady.

All you need to prepare it are:  a pan, 2 cups of water, butter and a package of Broccoli Au Gratin. You put everything into the pan, bring it to boil….Ă© voila. There goes your dish. BOOM. 15-20 minutes and you have a great dinner, free of nutrition or vitamins, I promise. The ideal menu to end a fat-loaded couch-potato day. It’s super cheap (’s box food), easy to make, a decent side-dish (if you have enough money to buy meat to go with it) and an acceptable main dish if you eat the entire box yourself. We all have our guilty pleasures, here’s mine.

Best part of it all?Apparently, Rice A Roni is a San Francisco-based brand?! Mommy’s comin home, baby!

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