DIY: The Pollock Bag

With summer being everywhere, it just seems right to spend as much time outside as possible…so why not use some of that time for awesome DIY projects that are super easy, fast and show great results? Exactly- no excuses!

This one I got from the Pilot Episode of the TV show Carrie Diaries (not sure they stopped that show but it was supposed to be a prequel to Sex and the City), so it’s not exactly my own idea but I’m sure that you love it so here it goes!

The original bag

For this one, you will need:

– a small purse. Preferably a leather (fake or real) one, since it will make the nail polish stick best. A friend of mine used a lacquer bag and sadly realized after a few weeks that the paint started to come of.
– nail polish. Whichever colors you want and as many as you wish. Make sure not to use the most expensive brands you have since it can easily use up a quarter of the bottle.
– newspaper to cover the surface you’re working on

Time Frame: – 10-15 mins

So, put the bag onto the newspaper and…just start dripping the color. You can do circles, splashes, dots and squares, whatever you want. There are no rules, just own imagination, preference and chance. At first, my friend and I tried to splash the color onto the bag using the brush but realized quite soon that it wouldn’t splash enough color for cool effects. Just use the bottle.

And the final result might look something like this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the bag my mom made today. When I tried it first, I left space on my bag and wrote something on it with nailpolish. Use lots of color for that to make the written part stand out clearly. My bag looks like that:

So, like I said- it’s up to your own imagination, it will look great and unique either way. A great way to recognize a fellow Carrie fan and an even better way to stand out for the rest of the world.

Aight guys, get splashin!




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