Dear Follower,

sometimes, life sucks. Sometimes, life causes earthquakes that break the road apart on which you traveled and you have to find a new way to get to your final destination. Yesterday, the governmental loan agency I complained about in one of my posts, told me that they will not be able to fund my studies in San Francisco. Apparently, throughout the past 7 months I had been sending them documents, they could not go through them thoroughly  enough to realize that certain important pre- requirements were not being fulfilled. Apparently, in their opinion, telling me that one month before I was supposed to leave for the States, is enough in advance for me to look for other options

So, yesterday the ground fell out from underneath my feet. Since November last year I had been struggling to find monetary options to finance life on a F1 visa, had been encouraged from all sides and even when things went horribly wrong, there was always something that kept me going. And I thought by myself- hey, all those pinterest pins with beautiful pictures and encouraging quotes like “Don’t worry, if it’s supposed to happen, it will happen!” or “Always believe in yourself for that is the greatest skill” are really true…until yesterday.

After drowning in self-pitty and frustration, my amazing friends helped me figure out my options. As of now that would be:
– Find a cheap-ass apartment in SF, say F*** It and share it with as many people as possible and start applying for jobs from Day I to increase my chances of paying back my loans asap and being a step closer to my dream of working in NYC.
– Think about going to the university’s campus in London and accept the fact that this might be more affordable for a European. Forget about the picture I painted of my year in the States and get accustomed to the idea of living in UK’s capital.

Dear follower, this is where I need brainstorming! Any thoughts on any of those two cities? Anybody living there, having visited, any impressions you wanna share? I appreciate any comment, I’m terrible in making choices like that and this back and forth is driving me insaaaaane!

Cheers and love,




One thought on “Dear Follower,

  1. Here are my two in-my-head scenarios:

    Ari goes to San Francisco:
    Ari says, screw all of you, it’s my way or the highway. She starts off sharing a room with another person but still has to watch her budget immensely. But as we know her, she pulls through, manages to find some jobs here and there and also realizes that sharing a room with someone else is part of the American Dream, since every college student started off that way. Eventually, she rises to be one of the best of her class and can’t help but drowning in recommendations from her professor. With a one year-work permit in her hands, after successfully completing her Master’s degree, she heads off to find a job. Which might not lead her to NYC right away, but with that visa she already has one foot in the door, which all her other friends can’t really say (except for the one who actually has a US passport but decided to ignore that fact :P). After another year or two, she finally packs all her belongings, gets on a crappy second-hand car and makes her way to New York City – well Brooklyn, but Brooklyn is way hipper anyways. And before you know it, the world sees her strutting down 5th avenue straight into Godiva. BOOM.

    Ari goes to London:
    Ari says, screw all of you, it’s a curvy road but the top of the mountain is so close I can almost touch the sky. And so she moves to London, with the end goal engraved in her mind. Working hard to get the top grades and with the opportunity to take jobs and internships as a EU-student, she paves the way to New York, step by step. The city starts growing on her, and even though it wasn’t her first choice, no one can deny that London is a great, vibrant and young city where any night can be a fun night you will never forget. Some friends are a bus ride or maybe only a tube ride away which makes a few weekends even more entertaining – who knew the UK had so many different sides to it! Especially visiting Rebecca in Dublin on a cheap Ryanair flight resulted in stories to tell in years to come. But during that year, Ari didn’t sit still, no. She applied for the Green Card AND countless other jobs that would guarantee her to apply for a work permit in the US. She might have even found a company that works on both ends and that will, after two years time, give her the opportunity to transfer overseas without any problems. With the experience gained on the way, she has added yet another country to her resumé and can start off a successful life in New York without having to go to Union Square every day at noon to get the free lunches from church.

    End to both stories:
    With the experience gained on the way and the knowledge that, in the end, the Pinterest boards were indeed true. Only that for every person, they have to be interpreted a little differently, as each individual will have to work their way towards what the want to achieve, armed with their only real strong weapons: resilience and perseverance. She had now managed to overcome the biggest hurdle in her life so far. But if nothing else, she learned that whatever may come in the future, she will work it out. Just never forget to take a leap of faith.

    ***Comment from the author: as much as I want you to go to the UK for very selfish reasons, I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your focus on San Francisco. I think, in the end, that’s what I would do. But whatever you choose, know that you will get there anyway. The big dream I mean. You will. I don’t have a single little doubt about that.***

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