Kitchen Adventures (an introduction)

This is (hopefully) going to be a series of posts, my first attempt to do something like this. My reasons are very straightforward – if you put a total cooking novice and slightly clumsy twenty-something in a kitchen, give her a bunch of recipes (or a Pinterest account) and let her loose, chances are the results will fill several posts. I’m hoping for some really nice dishes and proper food-porn photos, obviously including recipes – but let’s face it, it’s more likely, at least initially, that this will be a bit of a comedy. Either way, let the adventures begin!

The topic for this series is cooking, but it really started with nutrition. You don’t know this about me yet, but I’m a bit obsessed with healthy eating and nutritional pyramids.

The reason you don’t know this yet is that this obsession has developed in the last two or three weeks. It started out when I came across the so-called “college food pyramid” on Pinterest:

college food pyramid

I laughed at this. What a cliché, right? Ramen, chips, cookies, cafeteria food and delivery? Yet the “cafeteria food” section gave me pause. True, I ate a lot of that. And, also true, about 80 percent of that food probably did not have any nutritional value. Maybe they weren’t so far off. Just to compare, I checked out Harvard’s food pyramid…

harvard food pyramid

The moment when you realise what you’re eating is much closer to the first than the second pyramid in this post is… awkward. And it made me wonder. I have a lot of problems with food sensitivities, although I’ve never been able to pinpoint what foods cause these reactions. It’s not straightforward lactose or fructose intolerance, it’s more like my stomach randomly decides it hates me today and starts freaking out. Also, I’ve always struggled to keep my skin reasonably clear, I feel that I don’t have a lot of energy most days, and that holds true even when I sleep enough AND exercise. I started wondering if maybe one or all of these things could be improved through nutrition.

Of course, eating better meant I’d have to kick a lot of habits. Most of the things I know how to cook (meatballs, sandwiches, spaghetti) fall in the top corner of the pyramid. However, I felt somewhat helpless when considering how to combine a whole grain, a healthy fat source and several kinds of vegetables into an edible dish – other than whole grain bread dunked in some sort of vegetable soup, I couldn’t come up with anything. So obviously, the first step to better nutrition was learning how to cook healthy dishes. And since I’ve just moved out of college and away from cafeteria food, it seemed like a good time to start.

The next day, I decided to kick things off by learning how to poach an egg… for now, let me just say that’s really not as easy as you might think. Results will follow in the first “proper” kitchen adventures post very soon 🙂


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