Forever Young

Today, for a random reason, I stopped by my old kindergarten and talked to the teachers for a bit. Naturally, that would make me reminisce and dwell in the past. I came to the realization, that my childhood was pretty awesome. Here is why:

1.) We grew up in an AWESOME neighborhood that was very child-friendly, full of wild-life adventures (or at least we perceived the near-by park as such) kids my age. My two best friends from then are still in my life- for now 17 years!

2.) The OCEAN. Growing up in a city by the baltic coast with ocean view from my room (if you lean far out of the window and crane your neck), made my childhood inevitably closely connected to the beach. We had the wild beaches 2 minutes away from the house, where we would go skinny-dipping in summer and ice-skating in winter, camping in spring and exploring in autumn.

3.) Said Ocean carries irreplaceable memories: My first adrenalin kicks I got from standing on a bridge and fighting my fear of heights by jumping down into the water.

The first time I slept outside without tens or mats, just me, my friends and the star-spangled sky on that beach:

The go-to place for first dates:

4.) I played with Barbie dolls- a LOT. And for a long time. When I turned 14 and still wouldn’t make any attempts of growing out of that phase, my parents subtly adviced me to think about hiding that stuff a little more, at least the barbie house and the stalls (yes, I had horse stalls. And horses. And a carriage. And a car, a house and what felt like 30 barbies. Awesome times). I did as told but still secretly played with that stuff until I was 16. In fact, the other day, my cousin and I digged up our entire Barbie collection. Barbie, we love you. Don’t listen to those people saying that your proportions are life-disabling. Haters gonna hate.
5.) We actually went outside to play. I knew how to climb trees (trust me, I was the tree-climbing KING yo!). Today, I had a splinter in my finger and my younger brother asked me what that was. That’s when I realized, that the youth of today has no sense for reality!

6.) Our cartoons were cooler. What better is out there than the Lion King?! Huh? Huh? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

7.) Two words: Tamagotchis and Furbies. I wanted both so so badly. What I got, was another Barbie. And Polly Pocket

8.) My valuable painting skills were awoken through Disney coloring books (I would throw them away after having  exhausting myself colouring the princesses’ dresses) and deepened through this handy-dandy tool:

9.) This goes mostly to the Germans: Ever acted out the “Vogelhochzeit” in kindergarten? 🙂

10.) Apart from Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z and Heidi, this holds true for my childhood as well:
images(because first thing I’ll do in San Francisco is finding the houses shown in the Full House Intro)

There are so many more things coming into my head right now but this post isn’t supposed to go on forever. Bottomline is: I had a really happy childhood, I was encouraged to use imagination, to be outside, to be around other kids as much as possible. And today, I was reminded that that’s something to be very thankful for and not to be taken for granted.

Cheers and go play 😉


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