The great thing about having graduated from college is ALL THIS TIME you have available now. Now, you can basically do all this stuff you were doing as means of procrastination during college already anyways…BUT WITHOUT GUILT! It’s awesome. Basically.

During thesis stress, everything seemed more important than expanding my bibliography or structuring my arguments. So, I was being productive my way- every day was Sex and the City day, I finished all of the seasons within a month or two. It’s so addicting and reminds you of the actual problems in life. How could I turn away writing about the social media paradigm while Carrie is breaking it off with AIDAN?! How dare I thinking that preparing a thesis draft presentation is more important than suffering with Miranda through labor? I think you get my point.

One of the really awesome ways to procrastinate, however, was a DIY project that my friend Tabi and I had conquered a little while back (btw, I finally made Tabi start a blog as well and its awesome, check it guys: Tabi’s-awesome-blog-that-I-cant-help-but-follow).

Both of us are huge US fans and so we figured, the following DIY project would be PERFECT for us. We were attempting to make this: Click for Awesome. At this point, I also need to insert a disclaimer- this was not our idea, if you click on the pinterest picture, you will find the tutorial that we have been following. But since I find it such an awesome, awesome idea, I figured I’d spread the word. You’re welcome πŸ˜‰

Ok, you will need: about 4-6 hours of time (including the time it takes to dry, during which you can pretend to do your homework), a white hoodie, painter’s tape and spray paint for textiles (red and blue, about 2-3 bottles of each colour per hoodie, depending on how dark you want the paint to be) as well as plastic backs to cover the floor. Ideally, you work outside because the spray paint can get pretty suffocating.

First, you have to cut out the stars. We used tape for that but it’s quite thin and breaks easily, so I’d advise to double-layer it. This is really going to be the most annoying part. After you have cut out +50 stars, you’re good to go. We googled “Star US flag” and copied a picture from the computer screen because we tried to get the star looking as similar to the one on the flag as possible. We really wanted to procrastinate. You can use any kind of star really.


As said, working outside or in a hallway that can be aired out would be best. Cover the floor with plastic backs to prevent the spray paint from staining. Tape off the area you want the stars to be on, tape those on the hoodie and cover the entire rest with plastic backs to make sure that no blue paint gets on the parts that are supposed to be red-white. SPRAY πŸ™‚OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Let the blue colour dry but do not remove either tape or plastic covers. Repeat the same procedure on the other side (either using the same stars or by using a new set of cut-outs). Once the paint is dried completely on both sides, you can remove the tape and color protection:

You can spray the hoodie at once or do it at last, depending on how many stars you have available.

Next, you tape the rest of the sleeves and the lower part of the hoodie. You can select the width of the stripes yourselves, depending on how thick you prefer them to be (thats what she said…kinda). Try and make sure the the stripes on the sleeves line up with the ones on the lower hoodie part. We chose a width of two tape strips. And once again- SPRAY (this time with red).


After said 3-6 hours, tadaaaaam:

We decided to also spray the inside of the hood so that, if you don’t pull it over your head, its not just plain white. But that’s up to you and your time really. We had leftovers from the paint so we figured we might as well…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Et voila! Have fun and feel free to post questions or share pictures of your DIY attempts.
In any case- it’s worth a try, it’s so much fun, a great way to take a break and you’ll have an awesome star- spangled hoodie that people will be commenting with an astonished: “What, you did that yourself? Seriously?! Awesome!”.

Have a productive week everybody! πŸ™‚



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