I love flying, but I kind of hate it.

Ever had that feeling? You’re really happy and excited to be travelling, going somewhere new and exciting, and hey, you’ll be on a plane, and if you have a window seat, maybe you’ll see some really cool stuff. People keep walking by serving you food and drinks (well, depending on the airline, anyways), and you’d generally expect to have one of those cool monitors on the seat in front of you, with a bunch of movies to choose from. Sometimes, you even get a pillow and a blanket, and sometimes, they give you free alcohol.

Really, what’s not to love?

Honestly, I find it hard to keep up my enthusiasm on any flight longer than five hours or so. Five hours translates to a good book, a movie and a meal or two, but after that, usually, I get bored. There might only be one or two movies that I’m really interested in, the screen is tiny, and sometimes, the food is just really bad. Sometimes you have a smelly seat neighbour and sometimes, Lord forbid, a crying child sitting right behind you. I love kids, I really do, and I always feel terrible for their mothers who must know that the entire plane is full of annoyed people right now, and they’re annoyed because of that child.

Worse, what if you’ve barely had enough sleep? For me, usually, I’m just tired enough to be miserable but not tired enough to fall asleep – I find it really difficult to sleep without lying down. What if you need to pee but your seat neighbour is happily snoring and you’d feel like a terrible person waking them up when there is really nothing at all to do?

I guess what keeps me excited and optimistic in the end is the destination. I know they say it’s about the journey, and I do my best to enjoy the journey, but sometimes, let’s face it, it’s more about the destination than the journey. In this case, the destination is Canada, sort of a romantic getaway kind of thing. I’m not gonna give away the details, but if Canada’s pretty, maybe I’ll have some photos for you soon… stay tuned!