Since Judith introduced this idea a while ago and since both of us have been too occupied lately to update our blog, I wanted to use a moderately boring lecture to post something. So, its my turn to write down things I like and appreciate in life:

  • My boyfriend
  • The stage of being sick when you get better and don’t feel nearly as shitty anymore but people are still taking care of you and you don’t have to exercise
  • Exercising (well because, after all, I never came back from a run and regretted having gone)
  • Discovering good music on 8tracks.
  • Christmas and everything that is connected to it
  • Snow
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Acting and making funny little video clips for the shows I’m performing in.
  • Good chai latte, especially when its cold and dark outside.
  • Adele. Her new song is absolutely epic and amazing, isn’t it?
  • The US and, of course, New York
  • all candies, ice-creams, gums and other eatable things that involve a peppermint-chocolate combination. Yummy.
  • Skyscrapers

Jupp, thats it. Think about what you really like in your life, about your life and in your environment. It really cheers you up, promise 🙂


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