It’s Thursday!

One of my favorite ways to kill time is browsing the net for inspiring tidbits of wisdom. That’s how I came across the concept of “Things I love Thursday”, one of many discoveries on an overall very cool blog.

“Things I love Thursday” is basically a gratitude list. By now, most of us have probably heard that keeping gratitude lists is a good way of increasing your overall happiness. But are any of you actually doing that? I know I don’t. Why? No idea. I think of it every once in a while and then I forget again. However, since this time I thought of it on a Thursday, I thought I might as well make my own little list of things that I love, especially this week but also anything else that comes to mind.

  • My coffee thermos. I hand-decorated it, and yesterday someone actually asked if they could take a picture of it because they thought it was so cool!
  • The claddagh ring my best friends got me from Ireland. It’s so pretty and so full of meaning.
  • Working in the office alone. I can play music and nobody cares.
  • Sparkly nailpolish.
  • Old movies.
  • My graphic design class.
  • Pinterest, especially for nail designs, style inspiration and boards full of graphic design.
  • Spending evenings with a friend or two, a bottle of wine and a heart-to-heart conversation.
  • Finding out you won’t have finals and can start your semester break two weeks early.
  • Coffee
  • Sleep

This was fun to write… I might just do it again next Thursday ¬†(:


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