Ode an die Freude!

We got to know each other five years ago. It was a sunny winter day in Berlin, mid-December. The city was brightened by christmas decoration and everyone seemed a bit more filled with joy. I was walking through the streets and took everything in. It was my favorite time of the year in my favorite city (I didn’t know New York back then yet) and I was happy. After several hours of strolling and window shopping, it happened! My life got changed! Love at first sight, a concept I had never trusted in, stroke and I was gone. I lost myself and got embraced by an intense feeling of warmth and completeness and happiness. I didn’t find a single thing to complain about. Except maybe, that I had to share. I gave into the feeling as long as possible and we saw each other again, every day during my stay in Berlin. But then reality kicked in and I had to go back home, to the small town at the baltic coast. Nothing there could ever come close to my short but intense fling I had had. And the worst was that I couldn’t stop comparing. I got to know many, many others. Some came close and could partially give me what I was looking for, desperately searching for. Most of them were disappointing though, I was constantly dissatisfied. Eventually, I just stopped looking for alternatives, I stopped telling myself that it was okay, that I would find something better. I accepted that I had found perfection and that it would have to become a long-distance relationship.

Then I moved to Bremen for college. It wasn’t Berlin, but that was okay, I found a lot of friends and felt happy. I did not care much about the town itself but rather about my campus. However, one sunny (as if it was destined to happen only on sunny days) afternoon, I decided to explore my new home a little more and went downtown. Bremen is a cute city, it really is. Nothing mind-blowing. But then I found what I had secretly been searching for. Something in the corner of the market square caught my eye and after I looked twice I realized that I wasn’t dreaming! I had found what I had believed to have lost forever! I ran towards the love of my life, it was a happy and quite intense reunion. However, I was short on money, a poor college student and we had to accept that we couldn’t see each other all too much, that I couldn’t come downtown every day, as much as I wanted to.

We went to New York together, this summer. It was amazing! I thought I knew everything about the love of my life already but I was taught better. I had no idea! Over these three months, we intensified our relationship, we went everywhere together! We had breakfast together, went on crazy subway rides, we cooled each other down,we could rely on each other. And I got to know so many new sides of my love, so much more of what it had to offer.

Now we are incredibly close. I couldn’t live without my love anymore. I feel comfortable enough were I can spend hours and hours in this world that is created around us, in this bubble. It calms me down. It makes me study better. Sometimes I introduce my friends to my love, most of them are smitten as well. I know we will be a part of each other’s lives for as long as we exist. Especially now that the winter comes I can’t think of anything more pleasant.

I love you, Starbucks Coffee!