Ariane’s Bucket List- Part 1

This list is by all means incomplete, which is good because it will make me keep striving for challenges and experiences. However, here are the 30 first things that are on my bucket list so far ( order of listing doesn’t coincide with priority. I take life as it comes.):

1. Camp on a NCY Skyscraper

Who would have thought that, over summer, certain NY rooftops are up for camping? I can only imagine how amazing it must be to crash up there, with a bunch of random, happy people, feeling like you live on the top of the world…. YES!

2. Move to NYC

If you have followed my previous blog posts here, you will understand. No further explanation necessary, I believe!

3. Speak Spanish fluently

It’s the language of passion, sounds beautiful and is not all too difficult to learn- so why wouldn’t I make it my goal to improve my knowledge and become fluent in it. That way, I could talk to my Venezuelan friend solo en español.

4. Visit every country that my friends are from

…which include, et all, Venezuela, the US, Mauritius, Equador, Chile, Bavaria, Morocco, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Finnland,  Norway, Paraguay, Pakistan, South Africa, India. I think that’s about it. Lets just say that my university is quite a multicultural place.

5. Do something really stupid

I have done the one or other stupid things. Like not setting my alarm clock on the train home after intense Irish spring break and thus falling asleep and waking up in Poland. But I have never done something that made me feel so utterly stupid that I could have buried myself in my shame while, 1 month later, it makes you crack up and gives you a good story. At least I can’t remember. Though, waking up in Poland comes pretty close to that.

6. Do my driver’s license

To all non-Germans out there: Doing the drivers license in Germany is not only freaking expensive (depending on the state it will cost you between 1.200-2.000€) but also takes a lot of time. You have to have theoretical lessons, followed by a mandatory number of rides on highways, at nighttime, through the countryside, through the city etc etc. It is quite ridiculous. So far, I always had better things to do with that much money. Like paying my college tuition.

7. Learn how to cook

From Hotel Mom to life at a private university in Germany, where three meals a day are being offered and covered in your college tuition…that means very little incentive to cook for yourself. Although every floor as a community kitchen as well, they are rather badly equipped and it would take forever to find a pot to cook your noodles in. Because, lets face it, thats as far as I my cooking abilities take me. Though I do believe, that I could find ways of becoming a food-creative person if I had to. Its all a matter of supply and demand, as the economics student inside of me says.

8. Write a novel

That would be pretty sweet. Though, in the digital age, every blog is pretty much a bit of a novel, isn’t it?

9. Go to a Spa for a day

How could you say No to professional massages, peelings and manicures? Hhhhhm, only the thought of it makes my muscles relax.

10. Learn how to take amazing pictures

My camera is quite okay but I somehow feel that I am not doing it justice. I am pretty sure, that I have to train my professional photography eye. I often walk through life and see beautiful things and think by myself “Huh, that would be an amazing picture”. So, I take the picture and the effect isn’t half as strong as I’d like it to be, it doesn’t do the reality any justice at all. Thus, this has to be improved.

11. Understand Stats

Nothing to be mentioned here. I tried and I failed. Will keep trying though.

12. Picknick at the beach

Preferably with someone you like. Although I live at the beach, I have never actually had one of those great beach picknicks where you chill in the sand and watch the sun set and everything. So, I think it would be great to have that.

13. Learn how to tune my guitar without tuner

I just feel like I should be able to get that one straight. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

14. Start watching HIMYM and/or Friends

To adjust to social peer pressure

15. March up to a good-looking guy at a party and kiss him without further explanation

You know how EPIC that would be? Like a movie scene. You spot this guy and you two have been eye-f***ing each other for quite a while already but instead of just waiting around for him to make a move, you walk straight across the room, pull him down to you (ideally, he is taller than I am) and start kissing him.

16. Never start smoking

No further explanation needed, I believe.

17. Learn how to talk like a US American…alternatively Brit.

Because my own undefinable, neutral accent annoys me.

18. Have an apartment in which one wall is painted in dark red with a HUGE black-and-white picture of New York on it.

Has always been a dream of mine, ever since I understood what “Living alone” meant.

19. Find The One

Isn’t that the dream of pretty much everybody? Find that one person that you KNOW will be on your side until death my part you. While I am still a bit skeptical that this concept can be applied to me, I am also excited for it.

20. Lose weight

And become a good-looking girl with a trained body that is being envied by everyone else. Or at least, if that is too much to ask for, get rid of the Freshman-15-Pounds-grudge that is still haunting me a little.

21.Remove a spider from my room on my own.

Even the bare thought of it makes me twitch and make faces and panicky search my room for any hint of such a creature. If that day ever comes, I will make sure to let you know. Don’t put your hopes up too high though.

22. Do something that makes myself proud. 

No idea what exactly, yet. Its kinda hard to find something with which I could impress myself. But I will search, I promise!

23. Believe in myself

Whoever read my last log entry, knows that I constantly doubt myself and that needs to be changed I think. Might come with above mentioned lost of weight. Or with finding The One. We’ll see.

24. Go to Thailand and China

25. Travel on my own

To push myself out of my comfort zone and be forced to make new friends.

26. Give a cute Starbucks barista my number

Have never been brave to do that. What if he throws it away? But then again…so WHAT?! The problem is that Germany doesn’t have as many Starbucks stores as big US cities do. And wouldn’t it be bad, if I felt to embarrassed to every go into my local Starbucks again ever?

27. Say Yes more often. 

Accept challenges and laugh risks into the face. Cause life is pretty short.

28. Earn enough (or save up enough) to pay my parents really really nice vacations.

Because the majority of their lives, they have been working to give my brothers and me all the opportunities possible, even if that meant that they had to take a step back themselves. Since I acknowledge and appreciate that, I hope that at some point I will be able to show them all the places abroad that I really really like.

29. Become good in massages.

I think at the moment, I am missing arm strength but am convinced that being able to give good massages is an excellent start to “make friends”…if you know what I mean.

30. Be a hero.

Whether that is in a theater play (I love acting) or in real life, wouldn’t it be great to make someones day or save something…?


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