are on my list of things to do in New York. One of the Challenges at some point will be writing a little card saying: “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my number xxx-xxx-xxxx so call me maybe!” and give it to a cute male barista at Starbucks. Mostly because I love the song, a friend of mine and I brought it back from Dublin and made it viral in our university. But also because I think its a hilarious idea and if it actually resulted into something-if only a nice dinner- it was worth it. However, I started small with: giving fake names at Starbucks. This one was Disney themed:

next will be… running like Phoebe in Central Park. OR going up to a random stranger on the street and saying: “Omar says hi!” and keep walking. I love doing random stuff like that. And at the moment I am also a little bored and alone, so i might come up with even better things. Gotta always push yourself out of your comfort zone.

I was also looking into film academies and acting schools in New York. But what is it with these things? As a child you go to your parents and inform them that you wanna become a Ballerina or Actress or Star and they tell you: “But only after you have finished school!” Then you finish school and go up to them repeating the same thing and they say: “Well, you have to make that decisions but I would advise you to first learn something proper.” So you study Economics and Management. They you are looking into Grad Schools and suddenly, your parents voice is replaced by YOUR OWN CONSCIENCE saying “Naaaah, drop that. Dat stuff aint no future for ya!”. Dafug conscience?! Since when did you kick in with these things? So, I will probably pull a responsible one on me and not spend $20000 on a graduate degree in acting. Shame, oh shame.


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