Ain’t no sunshine…

… when she’s gone.

My roommate, the awesome person you know as Ari or sunshine2091 (and yes, I have tried, and failed, to figure out what the numbers stand for… date of birth being the obvious guess but then the month is missing?), has left. In about 18 hours or so (I didn’t actually calculate so this might be way off) she’ll be boarding her flight… right now she’s on a train to a friend’s house close to the airport. She checked out of her dorm room, the door is locked, I am alone. And I’m staying here until the end of July. She’s coming back next semester just in time for me to NOT see her before I go to Kenya for several months. So… the person that I have spent anywhere between 10 and 24 hours per day with is just gone. It’s a bit like missing a limb.

Plus, it’s raining, so there is literally no sunshine.

Anyways, this separation of ours was the whole reason for this blog… because we don’t actually care so much whether YOU read it, we just kind of wanted to keep each other updated, and do it in a way that makes us look like the cool, technologically savvy, gadget-wielding hipsters that we would so love to be. (Don’t tell me blogging is SO yesterday. Have you ever seen a long-distance-roommate story on Instagram? Exactly, me neither.)

So anyways. Since the Long-Distance-Roommate thing (can I abbreviate this LDR, please? I’m a lazy typer) is kind of the reason for the blog, we won’t bug you (or each other) too much with how much we miss each other. Instead, we’ll tell you about all our amazing adventures in New York City, Germany and East Africa. Just not today, because the most exciting thing that happened to me today was that somebody told me they were going to sponsor my dinner from their mealplan.

See you next time!


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